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Welcome to the new Titchfield Neighbourhood Plan Forum website – we hope you like it.

The Forum came about because, in October 2015, comments, complaints, and suggestions were made to Titchfield Village Trust regarding the central village of Titchfield and the surrounding related areas. Titchfield Village Trust asked a member, Ann Wheal,  to set up a working group to look at the issues. Eight people joined the group at the first, informal, meeting chaired by Ann,  on Thursday, 20th October, 2015.

The first formal meeting was held in January 2016 – see attached for notes of the meetings.

A Neighbourhood Plan was suggested as being the best way to influence current and future developments in the area so that Titchfield becomes the village that the inhabitants want it to be. The group looked at the possibility of setting up and implementing a Neighbourhood Plan for the village as whole . Attached are notes  from government documents and the Farrell Review submitted to the government recently. These provide a real opportunity to improve the appearance and overall pleasantness of the village for residents and visitors alike.

The first issue was to define the area that would be covered by the plan. This took some time but was finally agreed – see map.

Then the views of local residents needed to be canvassed so over 500 questionnaires were sent to residents, businesses and local groups. The responses were analysed and the results published and presented at a meeting of the Forum in February 2016. The results will also be used as evidence when developing the Neighbourhood Plan.

Over the past year or so there has been lots of activity – most of it behind the scenes but also some hopefully obvious changes within the village and surrounds. A scan through the various posts will soon up-date you if you need it.

An important change occurred recently when  it became clear that, in order for the NP process to continue, the NP Forum would need to be an independent organisation – no longer a sub-committee of  TVT. The Forum now has its own constitution and terms of reference and having been approved in March 2017 is now a statutory body formally recognised by the Secretary of State and FBC.

The level of co-operation between The Forum and TVT  will remain unchanged and TVT will act as the ‘responsible body’ for the Forum insofar as TVT will audit the Forum’s accounts and will be the charitable trust through which any grants to the Forum will be paid.

The Forum’s finances will continue to be separate from TVT but NP funds will be held in the TVT bank account.

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