6 thoughts on “A New Emblem for Titchfield

  1. Margaret Dunton.

    I thought the emblem was superb. It would be lovely to use it anywhere appropriate.

  2. Sean

    Dear Stephanie,

    Thank you for this positive comment. There are so many great ideas about how we display and use the proposed emblem. Your idea is another great one which will certainly be considered once we get a mix of interested people to form a sub committee to decide on how best to display it with pride. This should happen shortly. Keep coming up with great ideas!

  3. Dianne Hatfield

    I was unable to be at the fete. Where can I see a picture of the proposed em lem?

  4. Stephanie Llewellyn

    Hi – I saw the new emblem at the village fete and really like it. Do you think going forward you will produce flags of it, we live in Garstons Close and would love to fly it as a flag from our flag pole.

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