A re-post of Karen Postle’s comment

I’m re-posting a comment made by Karen Postle a day or so ago.

  1. Karen Postle
    I’m not too sure how the current debate is helping us. As a relatively new resident by Titchfield standards (30 years!) I have been extremely grateful for everything theTVT has achieved. I’m also very grateful for all the hard work which the Forum has put into the Plan. I cannot see why the valuable efforts of the differing groups have to be viewed in such a dichotomous way. One group’s efforts in no way negates the other’s. 

1 thought on “A re-post of Karen Postle’s comment

  1. Andrew Gaisford

    It all seems very political to me as a new resident but I will certainly digest the plan. It is nearly always the case that a minority do all the hard graft and get things done whilst the lazy majority just sit back and carp or say nothing until decisions are made they dislike.

    I hope and pray that nobody has been upset by these posts but would be if they denigrated my input.

    Please let’s have some respect for the people who are at least trying to do what the government is giving us the opportunity to do. We moved to Titchfield as a result of John Prescotts imposition of planning rules from on high.



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