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Posbrook Planning Appeal – Rule 6 Statement

As an officially recognised body the Neighbourhood Forum (TNPF) has submitted what is called a Rule 6 Statement to the Planning Inspectorate and will be represented at the Appeal in November.

This statement is based upon the policies within the Draft Neighbourhood Plan which oppose developments such as the one proposed at Posbrook. The Forum also supports objections made by other individuals or organisations.

Colin W-S







Report on Open Meeting – Sunday 7th Jan – 2018

The Open Meeting was well attended despite the cold weather. Colin Wilton -Smith made a brief presentation explaining the Forum’s housing proposals and Forum members were on hand to answer questions. There was also a visual display setting out the proposals  plus a running slide presentation. All attendees were invited to vote on the proposals.

The presentation is here and a voting form is here so if you were unable to attend the meeting you still have the opportunity to vote on the proposals.  Voting will close at midnight on Jan 14th,  2018

If you have any queries please get in touch



Housing Needs, Fareham Borough Council and the Titchfield Neighbourhood Plan – An update from the Forum.


The FBC Draft Local Plan is about to be made public. The plan sets out how the Council plans to tackle the growing need for new homes in the Borough over the next 20 years. The press release announcing the release is worth reading and is here. People will be able to have their say on the proposals in writing and at a series of Community Action Team (CAT) meetings and exhibitions.

 The Titchfield exhibition is on 13th November between 2pm and 6pm and the CAT meeting is between 7pm and 8.30p, both in St Peter’s Church.

How does the FBC Local Plan affect the Titchfield Neighbourhood Plan?

Importantly, FBC has not identified any sites for development within the NP Plan area.

However, this does not mean that developers will go away – they will continue to look for suitable sites on which to build. Nor does it mean that there will be no new houses built in Titchfield in the coming years.  Some dwellings could be built on sites as yet unidentified (windfall sites).  The Forum’s own survey showed that the preference is for affordable (to rent or to buy) 2/3 bedroom dwellings. And the Forum sub-group looking into housing has identified some sites where dwellings might go. The important point is that the Neighbourhood Plan, which has statutory status, will contain policies that will ensure that any houses built in the NP area over the next twenty years will be in accordance with the residents wishes – not the wishes of developers.

Recent government papers show that local neighbourhood plans are carrying increasing weight. Currently there are 2,200 groups like ourselves working on them. The Borough and the Forum are working together to avoid any serious difficulties. Already other places in the Borough are thinking of working on neighbourhood plans. We are lucky that ours is running alongside the FBC Local Plan.

Throughout the last year and a half, members of the Forum have met regularly with FBC planning officers to discuss housing and related issues.  On Oct 10th we met with FBC lead planning officers and a representative of AECOM.  We were updated on the most recent statements coming from the government and we can now look at the effects of the latest government initiative on the number of houses required, both nationwide and in this area.

On 15th November the Forum will meet with FBC again to go through elements of the Local Plan evidence base, including the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) and Settlement Boundary Review as well as the screening process for Strategic Environmental Assessment for the Titchfield Neighbourhood Plan.

It is worth noting that the process being followed by FBC and by the Forum is exactly the same i.e. do the research, draft a proposal, consult, re-draft the proposal, publish.





Housing Development – Titchfield Motors, East Street

A planning application has been made for the demolition of the existing motor works and the erection of three 3-bedroomed terraced houses.

The recent Aecom Housing Needs Assessment, reported in a recent post, shows that Titchfield will need 10  houses per year for the next 20 years.

As part of the Forum’s remit, the Housing and Sites group has been looking at various sites that meet the criteria the Titchfield residents gave us for development – see results of housing questionnaire.

The Titchfield Motors site meets most of the criteria –  brownfield sites; smaller sites; in accessible locations; mainly for two or three bedroomed homes – so the Forum proposes supporting  this application.

We are sorry to see the demise of a well- supported local business but the houses will be an asset.

Please let us have your comments on our website or contact Fareham Borough Council. The application can be viewed on line via Fareham BC planning portal, the reference is P/17/0985/FP.

We need ten homes per year.


The Forum commissioned a Housing Needs Assessment to be carried out by Aecom.

The result of the the assessment is that for the period 2017 – 2034 the number of additional houses needed in the Titchfield Neighbourhood Plan Area is 262.

Of this figure,  86 Care Village homes are already ‘in progress’.  When these are completed  that will leave176 homes to be built over the 17 year plan period.

So, we need an average of ten additional homes per year until 2034.

The Housing Report prepared by Aecom  is attached.






Open Day – July 2017

We were delighted with the response of the village residents to our open day. Thank you to everyone who came along and who gave their opinions on some of the things we are doing. We believe about 400 people attended.

The responses are currently being typed up and will be published on the website soon.

We are also waiting for the remaining questionnaires to come in. The results and comments, will be published on the website.

If you were not able to come to the Open Meeting, the following information was shared:

  • The Forum, voted unanimously to object to the Posbrook site development – see our objection.
  • We are preparing our Neighbourhood Plan to coincide with the Fareham Local Plan which they hope will reach the Executive Committee of the Council in September.
  • The Forum realises that over the next 20 years there may need to be some housing in Titchfield, especially for young families and young people. However, we wish to use the statutory nature of the plan to influence what type and where this housing should be.
  • Our policy to favour brownfield sites and smaller developments can be viewed in our policy objectives.
  • We also have to include in our Plan any projects the residents are keen to see included. Although these are not statutory, we must seek alternative funding to help projects voted for in the plan. Some of the projects were on show on Sunday and we are grateful to all those who responded with their comments.


Forum Objects to Posbrooke Plans

The forum has objected to the proposed Posbrooke Planning application – see below – but it is important that individuals also send in their own objection. Apparently the powers that be count the number of objections so the Forum objection will only score one point.

Get scribbling if you want to object!!

Posbrooke Planning objection pdf

Housing Survey Results

The results of the recent housing survey are attached.

peters2 Report on Housing Questionnaire

The survey was required to provide information for our consultants who are assisting in the preparation of the Neighbourhood Plan. The consultants will publish their own report shortly. It will be posted on the website.

Later there will be yet another survey, funded by the Government. This is all part of the NP process and is designed to ensure that the community is fully informed and involved regarding housing.

Public Meeting – July 2nd

On 2nd July between 2pm and 4pm in the Parish rooms we will be holding a public meeting to discuss housing and other points of interest. We hope as many residents as possible will come along to both listen and also to give us their views on the plans.

Forum members will also be available to answer your questions. Please do attend if you possibly can. The result of this consultation will be published on the website.

If you would like to know more about the work of the Forum or would like to become a member please send an e mail to


Additional Housing in Titchfield

The Housing group within the Forum is working extremely hard looking at the best solution for housing within the village. We must include some housing within the Neighbourhood Plan otherwise it will be imposed on the village by the Local Authority. At present, we can decide, not just where it should go, but also the number, style and type of housing that should be provided.

At the village fete, Forum members handed out over 200 questionnaires asking people what type of housing etc should be provided within the village – this questionnaire is on this website. The results from the questionnaires will be analysed and sent to the organisation that is currently independently carrying out a Housing Needs Assessment on our behalf but which is funded by the Government. We will, of course, publish the results on this website in due course.