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Pollution in the Canal?

For the second time in a month I’ve noticed something seeping into the canal via the culvert by the entrance to the bowling green. I’ve been in touch with Southern Water who are investigating the source.
I feel that a lot of residents are unaware of what happens to surface water when it goes down the roadside drains. Well it ends up in the canal!!
It seems to me that a lot of people think drains are a somewhat magical invention that manage to “disappear” anything thrown in /down them. In our
village they don’t disappear they pollute our waterways.

Fil Bower

Treading carefully!

I’m heartily fed up with dodging dog poo on the canal path. It’s also very unpleasant to see the tree ornaments left by – presumably – (let’s be charitable here) forgetful dog-walkers.

You don’t need a lecture from me as I’m sure everyone knows that dog poo/plastic bags present health and environmental hazards.

Before there’s the kind of outcry which resulted re cycling; yes I do like dogs and yes I do know most dog owners/walkers are very responsible people so the issue is what to do to encourage the minority who are creating the problem.

Karen Postle


This is such an exciting year for the village as for the first time, for over 20 years, we are entering Titchfield into ‘Village in Bloom’. The criteria includes evidence of heritage, conservation, recycling, horticulture and of course bloom.

The committee has already been very busy.  You may notice daffodils coming up around the village in some new places.

Twenty -seven businesses have been contacted in the village and are helping and agreeing to decorate their windows and, if possible, outside their premises.

We are having a number of clean up days for clearing litter, messy corners and weeding.

The schools and young people will be involved in projects and Titchfield Primary are already planning their miniature gardens.

The route around the core of the village has been planned for the judges and areas have been identified for extra pots of blooms.

We are also keeping a photographic record of such lovely events as the lighting up of Titchfield at Christmas , the tree festival in the church and the spring flowers.  We are also delighted that the church will be holding their flower festival and that the Open Gardens event will be taking place.

There is a lot more planned and if you feel you want to help, or have any ideas, please contact us through this web page, in Gardening Club, in the Rowans shop or by email to

Pavements around the village


Lesley Blackburn who is on our footpaths and cycle path group has come up with the following suggestions. Please tell us what you think? Would it work?

Local residents could adopt their section of footpath (pavement) by keeping it clear of over-hanging vegetation. This would also prevent the build-up of weeds, debris and moss which tends to make footpaths slippery especially in wet weather. – I know some very public spirited residents already do this so we don’t want to preach to the converted.

Local organisations and businesses could adopt particular parts of a footpath. It would be up to the organisation in question how they would do this. It could be a clear up which would be great, but on-going maintenance would be better, whether that is to remove litter or chewing gum stains or the timely reporting of footpath faults to the relevant authorities.

We could include the youth organisations and the school which would be a way of showing young people that we all need to do a little to keep our village looking at its best.

There could also be an environmental angle perhaps to appeal to younger minds as if looking after a footpath becomes a chore it’s never going to be a success.

The Village in Bloom Group has been busy.

The Village in Bloom group has been busy visiting 27 business premises to img_0533img_0534see how they could contribute to the Village in Bloom next year.  We are delighted with the positive response and look forward to supporting what they do.   This week the overgrown end of the Village Green has been cleared and daffodils planted for the Spring . We have also planted bulbs in a bed at the Community Centre which had been cleared by Wendy from the Gardening Club .

Hopefully we get more bulbs in before the end of the November .

We are also delighted that the Church will hold a flower festival to coincide  with Village in Bloom and their Patronal festival.  Look out for our tree at the Church Christmas Tree festival .