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Buses in South St

I wonder if you have discussed the problems of buses travelling down South St and potential solutions?

I often have problems travelling into the village from Coach Hill when meeting an oncoming bus.  You can’t see a bus from that direction when you enter the narrow street. Driving past the bus is then hazardous and difficult since there is no room to pass due to parked cars and the bollards. It’s also hard to reverse out when cars are following you.

A simple solution would be to remove the bollards to reduce the risk of vehicle damage or install lights to control the flow of traffic along this section of road. This road was much better years ago before the width restrictions and installation of the stupid bollards.

Steve Cussons

ANPR Cameras

What follows is an extract from a letter sent to all FBC Councillors regarding the deployment of Automatic Number Plate recognition cameras in the Borough

The ANPR cameras have been deployed in 27 locations across Fareham as part of a study required in relation to the air quality exceedance that has been identified by DEFRA/DfT as part of the Government’s commitment National Air Quality Plan to address nitrogen dioxide exceedences along the A27 and A32 in the vicinity of Fareham Town Centre. The survey is being funded by DEFRA and the cameras will be in situ for 1 week.  The camera locations allow monitoring of all vehicle types entering the area of exceedence and a plan of the locations is attached for your reference.

The ANPR cameras have been commissioned jointly by Fareham Borough Council and Hampshire County Council and have all the required permissions from Hampshire Highways in place.

The data from the cameras will be used to inform the evidence base for the air quality plan that will need to be developed for the A27/A32 adjacent to Fareham town centre.

Cycling and Scooting on the pavement

Titchfield Neighbourhood Forum is working with the local school around issues of safer cycling, cycling on footpaths and the use of scooters on the road and on the pavement. The school has said they will ask families to ensure that they, and their children, are respectful and considerate to others e.g. dismount if there are other pedestrians and ring their bells etc. We have also been in touch with Helen Harris  – School Travel Planning Manager.

Cycling on the pavement is illegal, unless a designated or shared cycle path is provided. This is highlighted in the highway code (Rule 64)                                                                       However, there are examples across the country where the police do not enforce the law unless there is good reason to e.g. dangerous behaviour towards pedestrians. Paula Weaver, from the Forum has been in touch with our local police and has been told that ‘This is a grey area and we are unlikely to take any action unless the person is over 18 years or cycling in a dangerous manner.’ There is some interesting reading around this subject online:

Hampshire County Council does bid for funding from the Department for Transport to deliver cycle training (Bikeability) to children aged 10 and upwards, which seeks to provide appropriate guidance and skills as to how to cycle safely. In addition, it delivers further road safety initiatives to enable pupils to become road safety ambassadors and improve attentiveness traveling to and from school.

Regarding scooting, it is legal for children and adults to scooter on the pavements. However, this should be done in a safe and respectful way. The County Council does offer support to schools through scooter training and does promote key messages around pavement etiquette

Cyclists on Canal Path

It is as irrational to ban all cyclists from the canal footpath as a result of the discourteous actions of a minority, as it would be to ban all cars from our roads for a similar reason.

What I am uncertain of however, is whether opening up the route to cyclists would necessitate converting the footpath to a bridleway. If it were, then that would open it up to horse riders. Whilst I have no objection to horse riders in principle, I fear that it would be virtually impossible to provide a satisfactory path surface that would be resistant to the challenge of horses’ hooves.


Cyclists on footpath along canal.

Cyclists on footpath along canal.

Please, don’t go along with Sue Dents idea for this. I regularly walk along the path and have riders coming along far too fast and with no consideration for those walking with children/dogs/walking sticks.  

I understand cyclists need safe routes, they have the use of Bronwich Lane to access the beach/Haven. Cyclists also need to learn how to behave in pedestrian areas and that they do not have the right to go wherever they please.


Communication Day



All visitors were invited to make comments and suggestions on sticky notes. Our favourite – understandably – was       “Thank you to you all for a very interesting exhibition.


  • Footpath in St Margaret’s Lane.
  • Parking definitely needed more for the Theatre.
  • Defintely a path along St Margaret’s Lane would be beneficial
  • St Margaret’s Lane needs footpath and better lighting
  • Pedestrian access is a problem? A footpath
  • Need more parking or a path and better lighting at St Margaret’s
  • Improve St Margaret’s Lane for walkers
  • FBC should allow mre weddings to take place at The Barn it would bring people to the village instead of passing through
  • A path along St Margaret’s Lane
  • Love to walk but not happy to walk back from St Margaret’s as we feel the road is unsafe. Would very much like to see a dedicated footpath to link the Village and Theatre.
  • We recommended the Theatre to friends further away but the parking is off putting to them. If the walk from the village was safer (felt safer) it would I am sure increase numbers in the audience from surrounding areas.
  • Need footpath along St Margaret’s Lane also more and easier parking


  • “Welcome to historic Titchfield”,  homes of Kings and Queens and Shakespeare.
  • Improve safety for cyclists and those needing to walk along St Margaret’s Lane, it is lethal in the dark.
  • Co-op needs to deliver in smaller vans – Square is too small to re-design.
  • Better signage to Community Centre. Xmas Market Church Road.
  • Very interesting place to visit
  • Entry sign ;- Welcome to historic Titchfield home of Kings, Queens and historic Shakespeare
  • Parking ! HCC land could be used, walking along St Margaret’s Lane is dangerous.
  • Christmas Market like Bath or a foodie fayre with stalls for craft, food or craft
  • Infrastructure, Parking
  • Use “crowdfunding,com” as a means of raising funds for popular projects.  
  • No cyclists or dogs on footpath by canal, Walkers only. Signs


  • Buses are needed to come into the Square. There are people who need bus service
  • Coach Hill (more traffic by 2025 Stubbing Bypass shown in plan) traffic control islands restricting flow, reducing speed, discouraging thru traffic
  • Please stop all double decker buses going through the village
  • Coach Hill pedestrian crossing needed
  • Titchfield Square – pedestrian crossing (not pelican) at either end of the Square
  • Buses must be allowed through the village to accommodate the elderly who can’t walk along to the A27 to get into Fareham
  • Bridge Street change priority route at lunchtime
  • We need the buses to go through the village for bus users
  • Flow controls, Bridge Street good idea. Coach Hill  pedestrian crossing. To enhance the “safe movement” of traffic on Southampton Hill please can you stop the garage on the A27 parking its truck and cars at very top of Southampton Hill and on the first bend as you come down the hill.  Very dangerous.
  • Investigate coach companies using Titchfield as a pick up point for their customers using the Community Centre to park which fills the Community Centre up
  • Posbrook Lane 30 mph needed. Bridge Street one way system impractical for residents.  Parking is the key issue to improve the Square but how you provide extra spaces outside the Square is difficult
  • Coach Hill needs traffic calming of some description.  Traffic study should be done from 8am.  Difficult for children to cross the road.  20mph should start at the top of  Coach Hill.
  • 20mph inside the whole village
  • Pedestrian crossing in the Square and height and sighting of 20mph signs
  • Bus route through the village is needed. Gateway in Square – how would residents access their homes
  • Why is no road calming in Southampton Hill
  • St Margaret.s Lane is a country lane not wide enough. Would need to be widened.  Common Lane. Tried to put in speed bumps, failed as residents didn’t want them.
  • The inconvenience to the Bridge Street residents is  …………to the major problem to Bellfield, Garstons if Bridge Street is shut
  • Why are people whose only option is the bus are always penalised? The bus route idea has been thought up by car owners – it is a very long way from Bellfield or Garstons Close when you are walking along in the rain with heavy bags.  A lot of older people use the bus they would have great difficulty walking to a bus on the edge of the village.   By banning buses from the Square you actually encourage car users.
  • Residents parking permits essential in the village – Fareham would get revenue to cover the cost
  • A traffic calming measure with a pedestrian walkway is needed across the top of Bridge Street to allow pedestrians, pushchair users and mobility scooter users to access South side of Coach Hill
  • Grateful if you would improve residents parking in Southampton Hill.  Options/ change parallel parking on Southampton Hill nose-in parking; extend Barry’s Meadow car park to another row of parking.

Progress of Traffic Sub-group

Progress of Traffic Sub-group

The following is a handful of points that have evolved from our various meetings.

  • Traffic and parking are both ‘hardy annual’ issues that have received attention over many years.  Nonetheless, the problems with both continue and show no sign of easing, indeed quite the opposite
  • Areas where traffic issues dominate may be summarised as follows:
    • Coach Hill – specifically where schoolchildren try to cross the rush-hour traffic flow
    • Common Lane – early indications of increased traffic flow consequent to the St Margarets Roundabout work
    • West Street – where a 20mph limit starts close to the Square rather than the more logical option of nearer the St Margarets Lane junction
    • Posbrook Lane
    • Mill Lane – where a 40mph limit applies from the A27 northwards
    • Fishers Hill – as an option to cut out the gyratory traffic jams
    • The Square where traffic tends to accelerate out of the narrow ends to the High Street and South Street
  • Options to mitigate the traffic issues have been proposed to the Neighbourhood Plan consultant.  These include:
    • A pedestrian crossing on Coach Hill (or Lollipop Person)
    • Extending the pre-existing 20mph limits
    • Road narrowing, potentially using traffic islands (for example in The Square)
    • Speed activated warning signs on lampposts
    • Speed bumps/rumble strips, recognising that these have both foundered during previous attempts
  • The sub-group also has an open mind to more radical options some of which are being shared with the consultant to test their viability
  • Car parking initiatives are basically limited to implementation of Resident Parking and Controlled Parking Zones.  Fareham Borough Council is not an active supporter of such schemes, but resident parking  remains under consideration within our Group

St Margarets Roundabout

The traffic signals are planned to be switched on at the A27 St Margarets roundabout on Tuesday 31st May.

The engineering work is finished except for snagging, and the signal equipment is being installed.  The signals will be tested and commissioned next week after the bank holiday – Tuesday.  Once the signals are on, the new lanes, currently coned off,  will be opened to traffic.

The signals will be monitored and adjusted by  signal engineers for a few weeks after switch on, and there will also be a settling in period whilst drivers get used to the new road layouts, signals, and pedestrian/cycle facilities. For more details go to:

Traffic Incident

Iain Windebank

26 March at 09:58

I’d thought I’d seen it all on the South Street/Bridge Street/Coach Hill mini roundabout till 9.40 this morning. A car was crossing the roundabout from South Street to Coach Hill at a safe speed when it was overtaken on the roundabout by a car going in the same direction from South Street going into Coach Hill at a speed well above the limits. The car was on the wrong side of the road when it left South Street and entered Coach Hill on the wrong side. All the what ifs went trough my mind about the possible traffic that would possibly have been coming down Coach Hill????