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STOP PRESS! – Last Consultation Meeting,

Last Consultation Meeting, 4th September 7 – 9 pm in the Studio at Titchfield Festival Theatre.

It will be a chance for everyone to ‘Have their say’.

Having said that, the questions and comments should only be regarding the NP. It cannot be about the process as we have no control over that. Also, only those who live within the NP area may ask questions.

This is the final consultation meeting so I hope it will be useful and also enjoyable.

We have already had comments/suggestions from many people, including FBC. However, we have consulted with groups such as Historic England, the Environment Agency, Natural England and both churches. All responses are due by the end of the public consultation period which is 10th September. After that we make the appropriate changes and then submit the Plan to FBC who will send it to the external examiner. Whilst the examiner is considering the Plan, FBC will be planning for the referendum which we hope will take place early December.

Ann Wheal – Chair.

Posbrook Planning Appeal – Rule 6 Statement

As an officially recognised body the Neighbourhood Forum (TNPF) has submitted what is called a Rule 6 Statement to the Planning Inspectorate and will be represented at the Appeal in November.

This statement is based upon the policies within the Draft Neighbourhood Plan which oppose developments such as the one proposed at Posbrook. The Forum also supports objections made by other individuals or organisations.

Colin W-S







The DRAFT Plan is published

NP 4 Website  25 July 2018

The DRAFT Plan is published and your comments are invited. The consultation period is from 20th July until 10th September 2018.

You can comment at the public consultation meetings or by going to the Have Your Say page on this website or you can use the comment facility at the foot of this page.  Or you can comment in writing and hand your letter to any Forum member.





Report on Open Meeting – Sunday 7th Jan – 2018

The Open Meeting was well attended despite the cold weather. Colin Wilton -Smith made a brief presentation explaining the Forum’s housing proposals and Forum members were on hand to answer questions. There was also a visual display setting out the proposals  plus a running slide presentation. All attendees were invited to vote on the proposals.

The presentation is here and a voting form is here so if you were unable to attend the meeting you still have the opportunity to vote on the proposals.  Voting will close at midnight on Jan 14th,  2018

If you have any queries please get in touch



Village in Bloom – Awards

On Wednesday 20th September the Village in Bloom committee travelled to
Gatwick to attend the South and South East of England awards.  We had no
expectations as this was our first entry, but were excited to sit down with
400 others.
The awards are given in the following categories, Highly Commended, Bronze,
Silver, SilverGilt and Gold. Only the main awards are given at the ceremony.
We watched as castles, towns and stately homes received their awards.  After
luncheon it was time for large villages.  It was with huge pride that
Village in Bloom Titchfield were awarded a SilverGilt and two members of the
committee received it on behalf of the village.
Congratulations to everyone who took part, helped and supported.  Our
village has become one of two receiving SilverGilt, there were no Gold
awards in this category.  It was also announced that coming in on a
SilverGilt was a force to be reckoned with.
The Committee are now ready to carry on and aim for Gold next year . We will
let you know if we have any result in the Borough awards on the 27th.

Thank you and well done everyone !


Open Day – July 2017

We were delighted with the response of the village residents to our open day. Thank you to everyone who came along and who gave their opinions on some of the things we are doing. We believe about 400 people attended.

The responses are currently being typed up and will be published on the website soon.

We are also waiting for the remaining questionnaires to come in. The results and comments, will be published on the website.

If you were not able to come to the Open Meeting, the following information was shared:

  • The Forum, voted unanimously to object to the Posbrook site development – see our objection.
  • We are preparing our Neighbourhood Plan to coincide with the Fareham Local Plan which they hope will reach the Executive Committee of the Council in September.
  • The Forum realises that over the next 20 years there may need to be some housing in Titchfield, especially for young families and young people. However, we wish to use the statutory nature of the plan to influence what type and where this housing should be.
  • Our policy to favour brownfield sites and smaller developments can be viewed in our policy objectives.
  • We also have to include in our Plan any projects the residents are keen to see included. Although these are not statutory, we must seek alternative funding to help projects voted for in the plan. Some of the projects were on show on Sunday and we are grateful to all those who responded with their comments.


Meeting July 2017


Great turnout at your Sunday meeting …well done excellent event. Had some interesting conversations….not all of them relevant to what a neighbourhood scheme is set up to do but  ‘ twas ever thus’!
The Village Trust will, along with yourselves , fight the Posbrook Lane housing proposals, we, as you have already stated, think that building on any greenfield site within the village boundary is not acceptable.
We will, however, continue to use the fact that the school IS likely to be over subscribed as a result of 150 houses being built. We feel that anyone who can’t see this as a result of some 150 families moving into the school catchment area is being somewhat blind to reality.
There are also alternatives to building scout huts to blackmail the community which could result in everyone benefiting!

Nick Girdler, Chairman, Titchfield Village Trust

Forum Objects to Posbrooke Plans

The forum has objected to the proposed Posbrooke Planning application – see below – but it is important that individuals also send in their own objection. Apparently the powers that be count the number of objections so the Forum objection will only score one point.

Get scribbling if you want to object!!

Posbrooke Planning objection pdf