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Latest news from Village in Bloom

After recovering from the wonderful news about our South /South East England award we headed off to the Borough awards at Ferneham Hall.
Congratulations to the Borough as the Hall looked amazing decorated with hanging baskets, floral displays and wonderful tables . We were delighted to receive a Borough award for Community Gardening from the Mayor and Leader of the Council .  Both awards will go on display when we have consulted on the best place for the Village.
Work has started already for next year . We are having a pumpkin carving or decorating competition . You can bring pumpkins to the Village Green on Saturday 28th October between 12 to 4 and prizes will be awarded at 4.
On Sunday 29th October we will be bulb planting from 10.30 until 12.00. Come and join us on the Village Green .
Very exciting news about the Wild Flower meadow to be planted in the churchyard. Come and hear about it and help out on October 26th 11 until 1.00. Tim Mason is leading this and Village in Bloom will be supporting this as much as possible
Why not plant your pots with bulbs and put them outside to keep the village looking superb all year


Village in Bloom – Awards

On Wednesday 20th September the Village in Bloom committee travelled to
Gatwick to attend the South and South East of England awards.  We had no
expectations as this was our first entry, but were excited to sit down with
400 others.
The awards are given in the following categories, Highly Commended, Bronze,
Silver, SilverGilt and Gold. Only the main awards are given at the ceremony.
We watched as castles, towns and stately homes received their awards.  After
luncheon it was time for large villages.  It was with huge pride that
Village in Bloom Titchfield were awarded a SilverGilt and two members of the
committee received it on behalf of the village.
Congratulations to everyone who took part, helped and supported.  Our
village has become one of two receiving SilverGilt, there were no Gold
awards in this category.  It was also announced that coming in on a
SilverGilt was a force to be reckoned with.
The Committee are now ready to carry on and aim for Gold next year . We will
let you know if we have any result in the Borough awards on the 27th.

Thank you and well done everyone !


Village in Bloom – Update

We are really near the judging day and the village is looking lovely . Thank you so much to everyone who have put blooms out already and I know many are still working on some to put out.

I have also seen the odd flag out to greet the judges and hope others will follow on the day.
The judging is important for the village but we are not just doing this for that reason . All new pots and planters we have filled will stay there to be filled after the summer with spring displays for the continual enhancement of the village.

During the week of July 10th the committee members will be travelling down every road in Titchfield, identifying wonderful pots and containers and photographing them . These will then be looked at and winning containers, hanging baskets will be chosen. The owners will be contacted and invited to our own award ceremony in the Parish Rooms in September. We want to do this as the residents have been so supportive, in so many ways, so hope you keep your displays out and easy to see.

I hope everyone is enjoying taking part or seeing the results. We will be in the Parish rooms on July 2nd if anyone wants to ask anything about Village in Bloom.

We hope that everyone will also support the Church , their Flower festival and the Open gardens, two more wonderful  events for the village.

Gloria Hunt

Village in Bloom – Judgement Day


Well, at last we have heard from the judges. They will be visiting our lovely village on Monday July 10th.  We will be placing containers around the village in dull corners, all marked as Titchfield pots.  We are hoping everyone will put out their containers  and baskets for that day and hang out their flags to welcome back judges after over 30 years.

We are having a number of clear up days for weeding pavement edges and litter picking. On June 25th, throughout the day, you will see us in the core of the village. Any help would be really appreciated.

Any children can enter a scarecrow competition . They need to make any size scarecrow out of recycled materials. Bring the scarecrow to the grass at the back of the community centre on Sunday July 9th at 4 pm with name and address attached .

We are awarding prizes for the best house container, the best basket, the best business and best private window.

We had to work out for the judges how many voluntary hours we had spent on this during 2017. It is a 360 hours so far. We started in October and will finish for this year in July, so it has consumed a lot of time.  However, it has been an amazing committee who have been committed and enthusiastic, plus great fun.

We may not achieve an award this first year but the committee will hold their own award ceremony for prize winners and sponsors whose gifts of plants, compost and tokens has boosted our budget of £350 from the Titchfield Village Trust

Gloria Hunt

Himalayan Balsam spreading down canal.

I am concerned about the Himalayan Balsam gradually spreading down the canal at Titchfield  towards the sea. As far as I know it hasn’t spread south of the bridge in Bridge Street. I contacted the Haven last year and they just asked me to pull up all that I could see (and reach).

Although it is very pretty in flower it is such an invasive plant that it will kill off all the native plants. This afternoon I have pulled up a dozen new young plants from the bottom of my garden alongside the canal.  I don’t know how this can be controlled apart from destroying it. Perhaps it doesn’t matter? But I feel worried.

Patricia Wenham

Village in Bloom Update 10th April 2017

April update

July, when our village is judged seems to be getting nearer.  We know the judges names and that they will be visiting in the first two weeks of July.  When we are told the date we will let everyone know.   Work is going on behind the scenes.  Martin Stewart, at the new Abbey Stewart Nursery, has been an amazing support.  His gift of vouchers will enable us to award prizes in a number of categories, such as best container, basket, child effort etc.  We plan to have our own award ceremony whatever the outcome of the judging.   Mike Sutton from St Margaret’s Nursery is supporting us with planting, as is Abbeycroft Nursery.

Apart from bloom, the criteria these days is much wider.  We will have to show examples in a number of categories such as horticulture, conservation, recycling, child and adult involvement , business sponsorship etc.   Quite a task !

Our budget of £200 is a small one, but we know the Titchfield residents and business people will show their skill in container planting and flag flying.  Our aim is for everyone to enjoy taking part and showing the village at its best for judging and for all of us.



This is such an exciting year for the village as for the first time, for over 20 years, we are entering Titchfield into ‘Village in Bloom’. The criteria includes evidence of heritage, conservation, recycling, horticulture and of course bloom.

The committee has already been very busy.  You may notice daffodils coming up around the village in some new places.

Twenty -seven businesses have been contacted in the village and are helping and agreeing to decorate their windows and, if possible, outside their premises.

We are having a number of clean up days for clearing litter, messy corners and weeding.

The schools and young people will be involved in projects and Titchfield Primary are already planning their miniature gardens.

The route around the core of the village has been planned for the judges and areas have been identified for extra pots of blooms.

We are also keeping a photographic record of such lovely events as the lighting up of Titchfield at Christmas , the tree festival in the church and the spring flowers.  We are also delighted that the church will be holding their flower festival and that the Open Gardens event will be taking place.

There is a lot more planned and if you feel you want to help, or have any ideas, please contact us through this web page, in Gardening Club, in the Rowans shop or by email to

The Village in Bloom Group has been busy.

The Village in Bloom group has been busy visiting 27 business premises to img_0533img_0534see how they could contribute to the Village in Bloom next year.  We are delighted with the positive response and look forward to supporting what they do.   This week the overgrown end of the Village Green has been cleared and daffodils planted for the Spring . We have also planted bulbs in a bed at the Community Centre which had been cleared by Wendy from the Gardening Club .

Hopefully we get more bulbs in before the end of the November .

We are also delighted that the Church will hold a flower festival to coincide  with Village in Bloom and their Patronal festival.  Look out for our tree at the Church Christmas Tree festival .


Village in Bloom 2017

Village in Bloom 2017

Although winter is getting nearer we are moving ahead with our planning. You will notice groups around the Village, planting daffodils ready for next Spring.  Please join us if you want to.  Our first planting will be on Wednesday, 9th November at 2.30 on the green area off West Street.   We are also meeting with local Headteachers to hopefully involve children and schools in this project. Lastly look out for the Village in Bloom tree at the Church Christmas tree festival.

Village in Bloom Committee – 1st Nov 2016