Comment from Peter Swan

I have read the plan from cover to cover. The area under consideration has no legal standing and is an arbitrary line drawn on a map with no executive authority hence all the proposals are fallacious. There is NOTHING in the plan that is not well covered by the Titchfield Village Trust and the capable local councillors.
There has been a waste of public money and this should stop immediately. The latest flyer even had Titchfield spelt incorrectly.
Please Fareham Borough Council, stop this waste of time and money

PWH Swan

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  1. ann

    we had several people from West Street at the Open Days so obviously some were delivered. however, I am checking with the deliverer to find out who else missed out.

  2. Karen Postle

    I’m not too sure how the current debate is helping us. As a relatively new resident by Titchfield standards (30 years!) I have been extremely grateful for everything theTVT has achieved. I’m also very grateful for all the hard work which the Forum has put into the Plan. I cannot see why the valuable efforts of the differing groups have to be viewed in such a dichotomous way. One group’s efforts in no way negates the other’s.

  3. Lindsey Bailey

    Ann, I have asked a few residents of West Street if they have received the flyers listing the dates you have set for consultations on the NP. Unfortunately those I have asked have not yet received them, will they be coming or should we pick them up from somewhere? Many thanks.

  4. Nick Girdler

    Just to point S Evans towards a few of the things The Village trust has campaigned for and helped to achieve over the 50 years it has been in existence:

    An Eastern By pass for the village from the gyratory to Stubbington
    The boundary for the conservation area extended
    Contribution towards the conservation of the Titchfield Market Hall and its move to the Weald and Downland Museum at Singleton
    Co-Ordinated and organised the village winning Hampshire Best Kept Village, twice 1987/1988
    Extra Parking spaces for the Mitie Development (Resulting in the new Public Toilets in the Car park)
    30 Extra parking spaces in the Community Centre car Park and The Square
    The 20 MPH limit in the village centre
    Contributions from its Small Grant scheme towards :
    Titchfield In Bloom, Oasis Youth Club, The Christmas Tree on the Green, Infrastructure at the Community Centre,
    It has also campaigned for extending the 20MPH limit and for a crossing on Coach Hill. The Neighbourhood Forum seems to have stolen our clothes on these projects (Tasks T1, T4)
    We are also currently well into negotiations and planning with HCC to install Village Gates to help calm traffic. The Forum have not only stolen our clothes on this (Tasks T3 HT5.1) but taken our underwear as well !

    This is by no means an exhaustive set of the Trusts achievements. If S Evans wants to find out just what we get up to why not come along to one of our regular general meetings, open to everyone and posted on our noticeboard on the green where more information on projects we are working on can been seen.
    Also available at
    It’s perhaps also worth noting and as outlined in the Neighbourhood plan itself (Para4.2), the Trust started the Neighbourhood Forum as a subcommittee. When the Trust felt it had to maintain its independence from both national and local government the Forum became an separate organisation, TVT held NF funds in the TVT bank account, as a registered charitable organisation we met the necessary criteria to receive public grants and funding. Grants and funding which NP needed to produce the Neighbourhood Plan and a website – on which you can now ask what TVT have done?
    Nick Girdler
    Chair Titchfield Village Trust

  5. Graham Wood

    Well done The Forum – A fantastic document and goes to show what real dedicated neighbours can achieve.
    Of course there is always the minority who will endeavour to put such things down, instead of looking for something good to say, sadly the minority are those with only their own interests and not the majority. The majority of which in this case come from the Garson and Bellfield areas.
    Lets make sure we have them all onboard for the vote as I am sure we will, and the Plan Will Succeed. Be positive and stop all this negativity.

  6. S Evans

    Please allow comments to be made freely on this subject. Blocking comments that are offensive is one thing but do not make it sound like some comments are removed because (in the site admins view) they may drift off topic or do not agree with the Forums views. There should be a free, frank and open discussion otherwise this Forum is not acting in the interests of the village but in their own interests (which is one of the reasons moving this to an open forum e.g. Facebook, would be a better idea). Clearly the author of the original post has a point to make but without this plan (and the quality of it can be debated), I’ve seen little else done in the past.

  7. Peter Wheal Post author

    I’ve let this thread run a little but now might be a good time to remind contributors that this website is primarily about the Neighbourhood Plan and ways of improving it.

  8. S Evans

    My intention is not to stick up for the Forum with this remark, but I cannot make the following sound any other way – Exactly what has TVT done over the years to improve things? I’ve been here almost 20 years and I couldn’t directly attribute anything to them.

  9. Gary Rathke

    Peter has it totally correct. TVT has looked after the village very well for years and does not need interference from other new bodies

  10. Peter Wheal Post author

    Thank you for your comments regarding the Neighbourhood Plan. Everyone is welcome to give their opinions. However I would refer you to the following link which I hope you will find helpful.–2

    This document gives information on the following:

    1. What is neighbourhood planning?
    2. Who leads neighbourhood planning in an area?
    3. The role of the local planning authority in neighbourhood planning
    4. Designating a neighbourhood area
    5. Preparing a neighbourhood plan or Order
    6. Consulting on, and publicising, a neighbourhood plan or Order
    7. Submitting a neighbourhood plan or Order to a local planning authority
    8. The independent examination
    9. The neighbourhood planning referendum
    10. A summary of the key stages in neighbourhood planning
    11. The basic conditions that a draft neighbourhood plan or Order must meet if it is to proceed to referendum
    12. Updating a neighbourhood plan

    Ann Wheal
    Chair, Titchfield Neighbourhood Forum

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