Cycling the canal path is safer than using the road.

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As a mother of a junior school child learning to cycle and a keen walker of the canal who has only ever experienced polite, thoughtful behaviour from both cyclists and walkers, I am surprised at some of the posts here. As a walker I do not mind stepping sideways occasionally to let a jogger or cyclist past. I would certainly prefer to share such a valuable learning and environmental experience with children and other locals and visitors (whether they cycle, run or walk) than know that I am sending children and adult cyclists down a dangerous road with blind bends and cars driving fast (risking God knows what!) when there is such a wonderful resource that we can all share.


4 thoughts on “Cycling the canal path is safer than using the road.

  1. Andy Rolfe

    My support to Helen’s post here, as both a cyclist and a walker. As long as pedestrians are seen to have the priority, then cyclists riding carefully and using their bell to warn ped’s of their approach can safely share the space.
    Strawberry Hill track in Whiteley has several signs saying “Cyclists – please warn of your approach” (using a bell).
    Perhaps a similar approach is needed for the canal path?

  2. Aaron

    I concur, having walked my dog regularly along the canal path I have never witnessed any unsociable behaviour from cyclists or walkers. I don’t cycle along the path but have no issues with anyone doing so, in fact I did use it to help teach my children to ride a bike. They managed not to insult or scare anybody, I think! 😉

  3. Clive

    There may be polite cyclist and nice to hear about them but there are many who regard walkers as a nuisance. The latter , invariably, don’t have bell and expect you to sense they are behind you and that walkers should get out of their way. Moreover, when it is damp, bicycles [of all varieties ], produces ruts which are not conducive to walking. Footpaths should do what they say and provide a path for those on foot .

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