Cyclists on canal path

Without wanting to get into an online argument with ‘Tim’ (suspect he may well be a cyclist).

A) his ‘argument’ Re bad car drivers etc is bordering on ridiculous.

B) having cyclists would not necessarily mean then having to open up path to horse riders

I have not come across any cyclist using the track who has shown consideration for walkers by slowing down or dismounting. Cyclists do use it as a ‘rat run’ from the Haven (check it out early in the morning); children go down ‘without a care in the World’ for others and MAMILs use it possibly to test their endurance skills! I was informed by a cyclist that the “Walkers Only” sign meant no horses and it was okay for cyclists to use – they apply this rule when they are seen weaving in and out of the public in pedestrianised areas around Fareham.

The cliff top from the Haven to the caravan site was always walkers only but then the sign was kicked over some years ago and now cyclists use this regularly. Ever met a cyclist coming down the very narrow stretch of path which runs alongside the houses just before the Haven/beach hut area, it’s not pleasant and involves getting over friendly with the gorse or being run down. Cyclists also create huge ruts in the path which fill with water in the winter months.

I will not be responding to any further comments by ‘Tim’ as I believe we are all entitled to our opinions.

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