Draft NP to assessors.

Today the DRAFT Neighbourhood Plan  is at assessors for a ‘Health Check’. This is being done by an organisation that exists to help groups such as the Forum – so they are on our side.

All the minutes and reports that various groups have produced are included as appendices and all web-site contributions can be referenced. All the events, open days, meetings and initiatives that the Forum has engaged in are referred to and will improve the chances of the document being well received. Hopefully, the health-check will confirm that we are on the right path but, if not, they will instruct us so that we can make adjustments.

This does not mean that we are at the end of the road – more like we are at the start of the next stage which will be the Public Consultation Process.

Now is a good time to mention the fact that the preparation of the plan has only been possible because of masses of work done by many people – too many to name individually.

It really has been a team effort so thanks to everyone who contributed.


19 February 2018

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