Forum Constitution – 2017

CONSTITUTION OF THE TITCHFIELD NEIGHBOURHOOD FORUM                                          

1.0 Name of the Forum and Area 1.1  The name of the Forum shall be the Titchfield Neighbourhood Forum (‘the Forum’).

1.2 The area covered by the Forum shall be the area shown on the attached map, known as Titchfield Neighbourhood Area (‘the Area’).

2.0 Aims and Objectives of the Forum 2.1 The aim of the Forum shall be to promote and improve the social, economic and environmental well-being of the area, residents and business in Titchfield by means of a neighbourhood plan.

2.2 The objectives of the Neighbourhood Forum shall include, but not be limited to:


1.    Address issues of local concern, including (but not limited to) spatial, community infrastructure and improvement of Titchfield (including its environment, heritage, views out, appearance, safety, security and amenities) to ensure a high standards of town planning, urban design and architecture.

2.    Seeking to obtain and maintain designation by Fareham Borough Council (FBC), pursuant to section 61F (5) of the 1990 Act, as the Neighbourhood Forum for the area.

3.    Develop a Neighbourhood Development Plan that plans positively for the future of Titchfield whilst respecting and improving the features which are of historical or of public interest in the village and the immediate surrounding area.

4.    Making representations as to any planning or licensing issue, whether or not consultation of the Forum is required pursuant to any statutory scheme.

5.    Consulting with FBC (by FBC’s Elected Members and/or Officers), other governmental, policing or public bodies and other stakeholders interested in, affecting or affected by any actual or proposed policies within the Neighbourhood Plan.

6.    Improving and supporting cross border neighbourhood planning and processes in the area.

7.    Supporting and developing projects and other activities that are of benefit to the Neighbourhood.

8.    Proposing priorities for the Community Infrastructure Levy spend and agreeing this with FBC.

9.    Encouraging the periodic monitoring and review of the Neighbourhood Plan and identifying and agreeing any modifications required with FBC.

10. Contributing to the implementation of the Neighbourhood Plan after it is made.


3.0 Powers of the Forum 3.1 The Forum shall organise at least three Forum Meetings per year, including an Annual General Meeting (AGM), to which all Forum members will be invited.

3.2 The Forum may develop a Memorandum of Understanding with Fareham Borough Council relating to the relationship with FBC, the support that would reasonably be available and the manner in which the NDP will be prepared.

3.3 The Forum shall prepare the Neighbourhood Plan, on behalf of and in extensive consultation with the local community, in accordance with a Project Plan agreed by the Forum.

3.4 The Forum shall involve the public throughout the development of the plan so that they understand what is going on and to contribute to the development of the Plan.

4.0 Values of the Forum 4.1 The Forum shall conduct its affairs ethically.

4.2 The Forum shall observe the ‘Nolan Principles’, the seven principles of public life, namely Selflessness, Integrity, Objectivity, Accountability, Openness, Honesty and Leadership.

4.3 The Forum shall pursue equality of opportunity in terms of its membership, its conduct and its proposed Plan.

4.4 The Forum shall, in the course of its activities, not discriminate on any grounds unrelated to merit.


4.5 The Forum shall be at all times a non-political organisation which shall act so far as practicable to benefit both Residents and Businesses

5.0 Membership of the Forum 5.1 Membership of the Forum is open to any individual who lives in the area, individuals who work there, individuals appointed to represent people who live or work there and individuals who are elected members of the Council, whose ward falls within the Neighbourhood Area.

5.2 The Forum shall comprise at least twenty-one (21) members.

5.3 The majority of the members of the Forum shall be residents of the area, including representatives from local community associations.

5.4 The initial members of the Forum shall be those identified in the application for designation.

5.5 Applications by individuals for membership shall be made in writing to the secretary. Approval will be decided by the Forum; individual applicants should normally intend to be able to commit to membership of the Forum for the whole of its duration.

5.6 Subsequent applications will be considered at general meetings or committee meetings of the Forum and deemed accepted if approved by a majority of voting members present.

5.7 When members wish to resign, feedback from the resigning member should be sought if possible; members who fail to attend the Forum for more than 3 meetings shall be deemed to have resigned.



Individuals who represent people who live or work in the Area are here defined as:
– individuals appointed by an organisation with an interest in the area, such as a charitable, educational, health or social body, to represent the interests of people who live or work there.

Local community association is here defined as follows:
– local: its purpose is the benefit of a geographical locality (rather than, say, a social section or a vocational interest);
– community: membership is open to all members of the community within the locality;
– association: members are associated by means of a written constitution.

6.0 Structure of the Forum 6.1 The Forum may appoint a Committee, to act on behalf of the Forum in the preparation of the Neighbourhood Plan.

6.2 The Committee shall comprise up to twelve (12) members of the Forum, who shall include the officers of the Forum, and the majority of whom shall be residents of the area.

6.3 The Committee may co-opt up to three (3) additional members.
6.4 The committee may constitute sub-groups from time to time as shall be considered necessary in order to achieve its aims and objectives. The sub-groups shall be subordinated to and may be regulated or dissolved by the committee.



6.5 Any sub-groups established by the Forum shall abide by the same aims and objectives, values and conduct as the Forum itself.

7.0 Conduct of the Forum 7.1 The Forum shall conduct its affairs in accordance with its Agreement with Fareham Borough Council, and shall work with the Council during the preparation of the Plan to enable the Council to carry out its duty to support and to help ensure a successful examination.
8.0 The Committee 8.1 The Committee shall be responsible for the day to day management of the Forum, including management of the Forum’s finances.

8.2 Membership of the Committee will be open to all members of the Forum.

8.3 All members of the Committee will be elected at the Forum’s AGM. Retiring members will be eligible for re-election.

8.4 At the AGM of the Forum, the members shall elect from the membership, a Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and such other officers as the Forum in general meeting may determine. An officer of the Forum may (subject to the agreement of a general meeting of the Forum) transfer his or her powers and duties to another member of the Committee on a temporary basis.

8.5 The Committee may co-opt members to the Committee at any time to fill any vacancies that arise. Such appointments must be ratified at the next Forum meeting.

8.6 The Committee shall meet as often as necessary for the effective transaction of the business of the Forum and the quorum for any meeting shall be at least 50% of Committee members.

8.7 Notification of Committee meetings and the agenda will be sent out to all Committee members at least seven days prior to the date of the meeting.

9.0 Rules at Meetings 9.1 The Chair shall chair meetings of the Forum, which shall be held according to a programme agreed by the Forum.

9.2 The Secretary shall keep a record of meetings of the Forum in the form of Minutes, which shall record reports received, resolutions made and actions agreed.

9.3 Fourteen (14) days notice shall be given for General Meetings (other than the Annual General meeting and Special General Meetings)

9.4 Meetings of the Forum shall be quorate if a third of members, or twelve (12) members, whichever is least, are present, provided that the majority of these are residents.

9.5 Where possible, the Forum shall make decisions by consensus; where this is not possible, decisions shall be made by a simple majority vote; in the event of a tied vote, the proposal shall fail.

9.6 At each meeting of the Forum, members shall declare in advance any interests they have which may give rise to a conflict of interest with the work of the Forum.

9.7 Forum communications shall normally be conducted by email.

10.0 Finance
10.1 Any monies acquired by the Forum shall be used only to help achieve the aims and objectives of the Forum.

10.2 The Treasurer shall keep a proper account of the finances of the Forum.

10.3 The Treasurer shall set up finance handling arrangements with Titchfield Village Trust who will administer, as the accountable body, the relatively small amounts of money.


10.3 All transactions in any format shall be authorised by the Treasurer and one other officer of the Forum.

10.4 No committee member shall receive any payment or benefit in kind for services rendered to the Forum. However, reasonable out of pocket expenses, properly incurred on behalf of the Forum may be reimbursed at the discretion of the committee.

10.5 Committee members of the Forum shall be entitled to be indemnified out of the property of the Forum for any liability properly incurred by them on behalf of the Forum, provided that nothing in this clause shall entitle any member or members to any indemnity against liability arising through negligence or similar actions on their part.

10.6 The Treasurer shall keep proper accounts of the finances of the Forum.

10.7 The accounts shall be audited or examined by an auditor or independent examiner who possesses the necessary skills and who is appointed at the Annual General Meeting. The person so appointed shall not be a member of the Committee.

11.0 Complaints 11.1 Complaints about the conduct of a member of the Forum shall be made in confidence in writing to the Chair; such complaints shall be investigated by the officers of the Forum, who shall decide on action as appropriate.

11.2 If the complaint concerns an officer of the Committee, or if a complaint is unresolved, then mediation may be sought if required.

12.0 Alteration of Constitution 12.1 The Constitution may be amended by a General Meeting of the Forum (including a Special General Meeting of the Forum called in accordance with the provisions of this constitution).

12.2 Notice of any proposal to amend the constitution shall be given to the members of the Forum in writing not more than 28 days and not less than 14 days before the proposed amendment is debated.

12.3 Any motion proposing an alteration to the constitution shall require the approval of a two thirds majority of members present and voting.

13.0 The Annual General Meeting 13.1 Within two months of the Designation of the Forum by Fareham Borough Council, the Inaugural Annual General Meeting shall be held. An Annual General Meeting must be held within fifteen months of the previous Annual General Meeting. A minimum of 21 days’ notice shall be given.

13.2 The Annual General Meeting shall:
a) receive a report from the Committee b) receive an audited statement of accounts c) elect Officers and members of the Committee in accordance with 13.3 below d) appoint an auditor or independent examiner
e) consider any other appropriate business

13.3 Elections of Committee and Officers:
a) In a contested election (that is where the number of candidates exceeds the number of posts to be filled) the candidates polling the greatest number of votes shall be considered to be elected. Voting shall be by a show of hands.
b) In an uncontested election (where the number of candidates does not exceed the number of positions to be filled) a vote for each candidate shall be held by a show of hands.
c) A candidate shall be considered to be elected only if the vote is passed by a simple majority.
d) In elections for officer positions where a resolution that the candidate shall be elected is not passed, nominations shall be re-opened and the election conducted immediately after members of the Forum have had a reasonable opportunity to make nominations.

14 Special Meetings 14.1 A Special General Meeting of the Forum may be called by:-
a) a resolution of a General Meeting of the Forum, b) a resolution of the Committee of the Forum, or c) a request from at least 6 members of the Forum14.2 The Secretary must convene the meeting within a period of not less than 14 and not more than 28 days of the meeting being requisitioned unless, in the judgment of the Chair of the Forum an emergency has arisen, justifying the holding of a meeting at less than 14 days notice.
15.0 Disbanding of Forum
Note: When the plan is ‘made’ options include: continue the forum, disband, become a Parish Council
15.1 The duration of the Forum shall be five years from the date of designation.

15.2 The Forum may be dissolved by mutual consent at an earlier date once the Neighbourhood Plan has been adopted.

15.3 The duration of the Forum may be extended, either to complete the preparation of the Neighbourhood Plan, or if agreed by its members, in order to deliver the Neighbourhood Plan, with other relevant organisations as appropriate, or to deliver other aspects of Localism.

15.4 Upon dissolution of the Forum, any assets held in the name of the Forum (after payment of all debts and liabilities) shall be disposed of to other organisations having similar objectives to those of the Forum, as agreed by a majority of remaining members.







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