Forum Organisation

The Forum currently has 26 members representing a cross section of local residents from varying age groups and backgrounds. All dwell in the Plan area and many are life-long residents of the area. The Forum has to remain in place until the Neighbourhood Plan is accepted but once the Plan is formally adopted (following a referendum) the Forum can disband if it wishes, or can choose to remain in place.

The Forum management committee consists of Ann Wheal (Chair), Colin Wilton -Smith (Vice -Chair), Gloria Hunt (Secretary) and Paul Robinson (Project Manager. Additional members are co-opted as required. Technical help and advice is provided, when appropriate, by Richard Summers of Boyle and Summers on a chargeable basis.

Reporting to the main Forum management committee are  4 sub – groups – Traffic and Parking,  Environment and Health, Promotion and Presentation and Historic Titchfield    The groups have each met several times and  have reported back to the main group.The complexity of the project means that there is considerable overlapping between groups so regular full forum meetings are held and minuted.