Forum Response to Foreman Homes Consultation Comments

Summary of representation by Foreman Homes and response by Titchfield Neighbourhood Forum

The planning consultants acting for Foreman Homes have made a representation to challenge the proposed Neighbourhood Plan and in support of the Posbrook Planning Application which is subject to appeal.

The main case put forward assumes the Neighbourhood Plan will need to comply with the new National Planning policy Framework which has effect from 24th Jan 2019. This is not the case as the current programme for the NP sees it completed by that date, therefore most of the representation is invalid as the Plan will comply with current guidance.

The representation refers to the Housing Needs Assessment undertaken by AECOM in respect of the NP. There is a suggestion that the housing numbers should be increased in line with the Government’s now proposed housing allocations for the Borough. FBC are challenging these allocations and they are not relevant in respect of the HNA. The 109 recently completed dwellings, referred to in the NP,  seem to have been ignored by Foreman Homes.

The representation refers to the Site Assessment prepared by The Forum in respect of the Posbrook Lane site, including adjacent land. This was a site put forward by the landowners under the Call for Land process for the new Local Plan. It was rejected by Fareham in their Draft Local Plan and also by the Forum.

The NP that has been subject to consultation was a Draft. Amendments are currently being made to take account of drafting errors and representations that have been submitted. In addition, detailed representation/comments have been received from FBC. Many of these relate to compliance with current National Planning Guidance and these are being incorporated within the Plan.

The full representation by Foreman homes is available upon application via Titchfield Matters.


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