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  1. Gary Rathke

    I have never understood why we need another “forum” to supposedly look after the village when TVT have done so exceedingly well for very many years. There is now conflicting efforts toward the same goal,why dont we put all efforts into one group i.e. TVT

  2. Peter Wheal Post author

    Nowhere in our newsletter have we implied that the Forum worked alone in the quest for a crossing person or worked alone in trying to obtain a 20mph limit.
    Paula Weaver started campaigning on the crossing issue over a year ago and more recently a group of concerned parents have met with other parents, governors, head of school and the HCC School Travel Manager. We do not see this as any accolade for the Forum as there is no need for that.  All Forum members, some who are also Trust members, are giving up their time because they care, love and respect the village. This, we would imagine is the same for all Trust members. Let us just celebrate together that an important safety measure is now back in place. 

    Let all groups also continue to try to obtain the 20mph limit. 
    Chair of Titchfield Neighbourhood Forum.

  3. Nick Girdler

    Dear Neighbourhood Forum
    Thank you for the last newsletter.
    Many congratulations to the V i B group for a job well done and the Silver Gilt award. The Titchfield Village Trust were more than pleased to award ‘seed’ money to the group to get them up and going as part of our small grants to Village Groups scheme.
    Two points I think need addressing regarding other items:
    1) The School crossing patrol.
    The Village Trust have been pressing for an appointment since the last patrol person retired, and to that end recently hand delivered some 250 recruitment leaflets, provided by Cllr Hockley, around the Bellfield Estate.
    Whenever a crossing patrol person resigns the County survey the crossing to make sure one is needed. They accepted this was in fact the case. As part of the evidence the Trust was gathering for extending the 20mph limit and getting a more permanent crossing aid installed I counted the cars and number of children crossing over 2 days and also sent this information to the crossing patrol officer. Cllr Hockley also asked them to re run their own survey which they did. They were well aware that a patrol was required from their own evidence. The 36 children who cross there every morning, and their parents, are more than happy that someone has now been appointed.

    2) 20mph Speed Limit
    It was the Village Trust that researched both extending the 20mph limit to all roads leading into the village and installing a pedestrian crossing on Coach Hill. It was to that end that we carried out our own traffic survey on the Hill and discovered that the number of cars and pedestrians would have to increase by a factor of at last 2 before any form of crossing would be considered.
    However, we submitted our findings and other evidence for the 20mph limit to the HCC Traffic Management Team through Cllr Hockley.
    Their response does not blame the lack of funding as the reason for not extending the limit, although of course in the current financial climate, this may well be part of the equation. Their full response can be found on both the Trusts Web Site: titchfieldvillagetrust.com and our Titchfield Village Trust facebook page.
    The reason they gave for not extending the limit was the lack of ‘recurring casualty issues’ ! i.e. the more accidents we have on those roads the more likely it is we get an extended limit. A strange paradox and one which somewhat gives the lie to their tag line ‘Making Roads Safer’

    I do think before seemingly claiming ownership of these important village issues you need to acknowledge the ongoing Titchfield Village Trust campaigns and give due credit to them. These, along with many other areas of village life, have been the remit of the Trust for the last 50 years and we will continue to monitor and hopefully improve on them in the future.

    Nick Girdler
    Titchfield Village Trust

  4. Connie Hockley

    Well done and may congratulations to the Titchfield In Bloom team on their award of a Silver Gilt at yesterday’s South & South East In Bloom presentation event. Competition is fierce so to be awarded this accolade at a first attempt is just amazing. Connie and Geoff Hockley

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