Housing Development – Titchfield Motors, East Street

A planning application has been made for the demolition of the existing motor works and the erection of three 3-bedroomed terraced houses.

The recent Aecom Housing Needs Assessment, reported in a recent post, shows that Titchfield will need 10  houses per year for the next 20 years.

As part of the Forum’s remit, the Housing and Sites group has been looking at various sites that meet the criteria the Titchfield residents gave us for development – see results of housing questionnaire.

The Titchfield Motors site meets most of the criteria –  brownfield sites; smaller sites; in accessible locations; mainly for two or three bedroomed homes – so the Forum proposes supporting  this application.

We are sorry to see the demise of a well- supported local business but the houses will be an asset.

Please let us have your comments on our website or contact Fareham Borough Council. The application can be viewed on line via Fareham BC planning portal, the reference is P/17/0985/FP.

3 thoughts on “Housing Development – Titchfield Motors, East Street

  1. Jean

    Yes, most sad. We do hope the cottages will have their own garages to get their cars off the road. At present cars relating to the garage are coming in/out of Chapelside to turn and often partly block our turning when parked on the corner. Perhaps if the proposed cottages have off-road/garage space it will not be such a problem?!

  2. C G O Walker

    Titchfield Motors has beena major support to this village for virtuallly 3/4 of a Century both as a motor works but also supporting many actiivites and charities as well.
    Regretably we will be in the hands of large companies instead of a family business.
    We will miss the Upshalls.
    3 Residences will create more traffic problems and dangers on what is effectivelya blind ccorner for traffic leaving the Community Centre.
    Chris Walker

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