It is already a great place to live (for most people anyway).

A resurrection of the “Best Kept Village” ethos wouldn’t hurt and might improve the issue.

Get rid of the bollards, they cause congestion.   It is pretty good just how it is!

20mph speed limit within your specified boundaries, 7 ton exclusion zone enforced.

Having been on the committee of the TVT I know many of my suggestions have been voiced and ignored for years.

I am very concerned that the pinch points in South Street are being discussed again. The aim of t he pinch points, the bollards and the parking was to calm and slow the traffic through the medieval street. A full study of options, traffic analysis and risks was undertaken and, after a mammoth consultation, the very expensive optimum solution was put in place.

It has worked. There have been no accidents to people. Prior to the implementation of the scheme children had been put at risk and there was a near fatality due to speeding traffic. Another aim of the scheme was to make the South Street rat run so slow that it would be avoided. 

It would be foolish to alter a system that works well in slowing the traffic and saving lives.

Expand the 20mph limit to include Bridge Street, Coach Hill, West Street. Close junction of Bridge Street and Titchfield BY-Pass.

We need to make the Square a safer place for people to cross, also outside the Co-op ajd Penyards the road turns into one way. You often meet cars in the middle of the road coming in the opposite way.

We need a nice fish and chip shop and ironmongers, shops that we can shop in instead of having to go to Stubbington, considering there are no buses to get unless you to to Fareham first. We need to bring MY village bacvk to lifge, its like a ghost village.

Perhaps the Council could lower the rates to encourage more shops to open, not just the same businesses which we have now.

A well planned Skatepark!    BB Gun shop and Firing Range, or just a Firing Range.

If the Park was better. The seasore (seesaw???) isn’t that good. Maybe a few extra things at the Park for older children,      Archery Club (not too expensive).

Obvious interaction between key groups (Trust, St Peters, Community Centre etc.) to effect a cohesive approach to protecting the village from external tampering from FBC Highways Agency etc. A strong supportive group ‘singing from the same song sheet’

More frequent 28 and 28A buses. A pedestrian crossing on the A27 at the St Margarets Lane/Shell Garage/Holiday Inn roundabout.

Less Traffic!     Transport – Getting to see a Doctor!!!      Buy Produce from Allotments at WI

Easier to make a Doctor’s appointment           Do not change anything, its a perfect village

Less traffic. Parking Permits

Reduce the amount of traffic, introduce parking permits and get businesses to park in Community Centre Car Park.

South Street – one way street heading out of the village. Village Bobby. Village spirit regained. More Carnival activities. Stop outsiders buying houses so village people cant ….

Improve parking for residents – Permits?       Not being part of Fareham Borough Council

Its OK as it is.     Fish and Chip shop. Better Park. Its suitable for toddlers or 10 year olds.

I would like to see more intelligent passive Highway engineering to calm and slow traffic in the Square and other key streets. This is not to stop all vehicles, but to deter people from using streets as ‘rat runs’. If traffic were ‘calmed’ then the public realm (?) in village centre would improve. Street trees could be planned and cafes could have external seating.

More signage – ie walks etc.        Make better use of the Canal and the surrounding area.

Create a more cohesive village as some people may feel that the ‘village’ is just The Square and direct roads into it. Not the area The Trust sees as The Village.

Consider the future. The increase in Rainfall and possible problems with flooding in the Village due to the lack of maintainance by the environment agency to the Canal (ie Bridge Street).

Close Bridge Street for through traffic.   Bus shelter in Square.    Make it one-way through!

Introduce traffic calming in St Margarets Lane and input lights (street).

Stop people parking on grass verges (mud where grass used to be).

Stop anymore pubs closing and building more homes on their land!!!

I think that we are fortunate to have what we have. The village changes as people come and go, then others share their interests and experiences. Some people stay for a long time and become a backbone to events, others support. That’s what makes us a unique place to live.

If Canal path could be repaired beyond the tarmac section!!!    Better policing.

Less congestion in South Street. Other than that I really like it as it is.

More/better notification re village events in Parish Rooms, Community Centre etc.

Keep the Canal footpath for walkers only (Stop cyclists having free run wherever they feel they can go). Keep Canal flowing – it becomes very clogged at times.

Drop speed limit on Posbrook Lane.     Traffic calming.      Possible one-way system

See more activities for the kids. You see a lot of them hanging around the village.

Parking permits for residents; try to park near your own house in the evenings can be difficult.

Measures to slow down the traffic and to persuade motorists not to use the Village as a rat run. Will become even more when the Stubbington by-pass is brought into operation and more houses built in its cachment area.

We need to maintain the pinch points in South Street but give indication who has right of way.

Make the whole village 20mph by extending limits to Canal/all roads off the gyratory/top of Coach Hill

Restriction on through traffic. Closing Bridge Street at Stubbington Road end. Speed restrictions in Common Lane. Bumps or chicanes, also St Margarets and Posbrook Lane. Plans have been published but never started.

I would like to see some more Adult equipment in Barry’s Meadow for fitness, llike they have got in the Park at Stubbington. It is brilliant and would help us all keep fit and healthy.

Additional, adequate policing in the village to stop drivers parking all day in 30min space (exception disabled). A one way system for traffic being formulated to avoid the constant traffic jams involving buses and vans/lorries.

Possibily a one-way system. Adequate policing to stop abuse of disabled parking and 30 minute spaces.

People coming into this village should stop telling people who have been born and bred in the village what should be done here. They are spoiling every thing that was once a lovely little place!       Bus shelter in The Square

Sheltered bus stop in Village Square by the Veg Shop required. People waiting to take bus get wet when it rains – The shelter at the foot of Soton Hill, which is no longer a bus stop could be transferred to save money.

Parking at the Car Park behind Queens Head could be open for use by the general public during the days, Most of the time it lies empty with only a few cars, while the Square is overcrowded.   A few cycle stands for parked bikes made available in the Square near One-Stop. This would prevent cycles left on the pavement, which is a danger to people with sight problems

It would be nice to have a nice Christmas Tree, size and decoration.          Make it cleaner

It would be nice if the ordinary people of Titchfield was listened to as well as t he so called upperclass.

If all of us kept our roads tidy instead of chucking down the road.

A fish and chip shop in the village.     A Market on Saturdays in the Square

A ban upheld on cyclists riding along the Canal footpath

THe police being more proactive on speeding and litter being thrown from cars and builders vans in Posbrook Lane

Heavy farm vehicles with foreign drivers speeding through country lanes

Dog owners collecting dog poo and leaving it in bags in bushes

Market on Sunday morning or Saturday morning.        Dog owners not collecting dog poo.

Fish and chip shop.    Fish and chips.   Less rent on property.    Need Bus Shelter – urgent

Village Trust – History Society, Bonfire Boys to work together

For those in authority to listen to any complaints etc from this survey and make changes for the better. Another thing should be made safer is the crossing at the bottom of Southampton Hill. The cars etc whizz round there from Square and East Street. I have not seen any traffic slow down. It should be an official marked cfossing for the safety of children going to school and the elderly. Will it happen? I hope so, as it will mean that you do care and will actually be listening!!!

A Wetherspoons.    More Community options.     We need a Bakers and less Hairdressers

Level pavements and Better disabled access to buildings

Not sure – pretty happy as it is – maybe a better playground near Doctors. Take my niece but not much there + grass long and wet at the moment.

Controlling the traffic. Zebra crossing on Coach Hill, opposite Garstons Road, may help.

Spaces outside butchers for loading only, NOT PARKING.

Traffic lights on exit from Titchfield onto Gyratory, with either traffic lights or change priority at the slip road onto the A27 towards Fareham

Make South Street one way. More courteous parking by residents. Yellow lines on the “Upwards” side of Southampton Hill.

Not so much traffic coming through the village. Visitors using Car Parks and NOT the road. Parking for residents made legal.

Rubbish bin outside Chinese Take Away (always was one).

Would it be possible to have the 5X coming back through the village and then the bus shelter would be of use. Otherwise we do need a shelter in the Square and there is room outside The Haven. With the bus service as it is now, getting to Stubbington takes for ever, plus Lee on Solent. Also we do not have access to stores on the A27.

It is also life threatening trying to cross the A27 if you want to use the 5X.

Rectifying the above (Parking) through better policing of parking and speeding. Active sharing of litterers and dog foulers (I have a dog myself).

Having parking for the residents, plus people shopping – it would make life easier.

People working and leaving carts all day should be parking in Long stay car park.

Also the parking restriction outside the co-op and Bugle is 24 – 7 which is silly, specially on Sunday and evenings.

I thoroughly enjoy the village as it is and wouldn’t change anything – I speak as an 80 year old and the village is perfect for me as an ‘oldie’. I am aware that it is important to make the village accessible for outsiders to both come and work and shop so concessions have to be made re the parking so that the shops are viable “Use them or lose them”.   I use them all frequently!

Residents parking scheme.    More for teenagers to do other than hang about.

Later buses.    Traffic calming (like Hunts Pond Road)

One way systyem on crowded roads? eg West Street and down Soton Hill, or one way on South Street and other way on West Street.

(To solve Traffic problems in Coach Hill)

Traffic lights at top end of Coach Hill as there is no path on left hand side leading to village.

Close off Bridge Street, Entrance to Titchfield Road and close off Meon Shore Road by the beach. This would ensure the only traffic would be for access to the village and stop Titchfield being used as a rat run.

Can’t think of anything at the moment!   A Bank.   Nice Restaurant.    Bank, even Mobile

More parking (longer time zones)?   Less obstruction in roads.    Less traffic.

More Keep Fit Classes etc.   Provide better parking to LIT up areas!

Bank. More leisure activities facilities – small gym – exercise classes.

More shops offering things that local people want ie Bakers etc.

A well run Bugle Inn! (looks like a pole dancing club is being erected at the rear?! God help us!

Banning PINK PAINT on houses!!     Improved signage to maintain character

Better public transport.    A Bakery – haven’t had one for about 25 years

Sort parking out. We’ve given up asking FBC for residents’ parking permits!

The first proposal concerns the fact that at present Titchfield is used as a short cut or rat-run with the result that inconvenience is caused on most weekdays. It is caused by people who make no positive contribution to the village. They are not visiting or shopping in the village. All they do is cause disruption and increase the possibility accidents occurring.

The idea is as follows: A barrier is constructed across the square from One Stop to The Haven using posts (yes, more posts!) or preferably some slim planter troughs – the idea being to retain all existing parking spots. In the centre of the barrier will be a gap wide enough for one vehicle only to pass through eg a bus, fire engine ambulance or designated delivery lorry eg the Co-op delivery lorry. Only these vehicles will be allowed to pass through the village. All other vehicles may enter the square but not pass through the gap. If necessary a mechanical pop –up stop can be inserted into the road and the designated vehicles fitted with electronic activators. So, traffic entering from South Street or from Southampton Hill will be required to leave on either of these roads and similarly traffic coming in from Bridge Street or Coach Hill will be required to leave by either of these roads. At a stroke we no longer have the village being used as a rat-run and crossing the road will no longer be a life threatening activity. There will still be the same number of parking spaces but drivers may have to make some concessions in terms of route planning depending on how far they can or are willing to walk. For example, someone who drives in from the South Street end of the village and insists on parking directly outside the Co-op or Hadlow’s will not be able to do this. They will need to enter from the other end of the village. Likewise anyone entering from Coach Hill and wishing to park outside Everett’s would need to park and then walk a few extra yards or enter the village centre from South Street or Southampton Hill. The effect on shopkeepers should be that as parking in the now much quieter village would be easier they should increase trade rather than lose trade. What happens to all the rat-runners? Initially the Stubbington to Segensworth rat-runners will go up Coach Hill and that will become even busier, but soon it will become clear that it is hardly worth the bother and they will then stay on the main road to the Gyratory – as the traffic planners intended. Some will enter via the chicane and turn left up West Street but this too will soon be seen to be pointless. If necessary, further measure could be taken to dissuade drivers from using these routes. The Segensworth to Stubbington rat-runners will stop coming down Southampton Hill as it will serve no useful purpose. The right hand turn off Southampton Hill can also be closed to all but ‘emergency traffic’ and village dwellers can enter the village from the gyratory – as the planners would want – or they can some in via Bridge Street Coach Hill or West Street.


Proposal two concerns regulating the parking within the village and goes like this: We divide the village into zones – colour coded. The High Street and Square is a zone, Southampton Hill is a zone, Coach Hill is a zone, West Street is a zone – and so on. Parking throughout the village and surrounds is to be 40mins max. Residents may park unrestricted at any time in their own zone, but if parking in another zone they are subject to the prevailing rules in that zone – ie 40mins. Residents will be issued with permits which they display in the car windscreen. It is rumoured that some people, living outside The Square choose to move their vehicle into the square when going away for a few days – the idea being that the vehicle will be safer in the Square. This proposal will stop that. It will also prevent shop workers from parking in the village and will deter many surgery visitors as 40 mins is barely enough time to wait for the late running doctors. It ought to make life easier for shoppers as 40 mins is usually enough to pick up a few items. If you are doing a ‘big shop’ then use the car parks!

Proposal three involves identifying a patch of fertile land as close to the village centre as possible and persuading the owner to donate it or sell it to the village so that the existing allotments by A27 can be re-sited. The vacated area could then be used in part for car parking. Some of the people who rent allotments actually live outside Titchfield – as defined by the survey.

A bus shelter – even if the stop is relocated (people shelter in the doorway of house)

No 5X rerouted backthrough Soton Hill. At the moment the stops are located where no one lives. Everyone I speak to misses this bus to Stubbington and Lee-on-Solent

Gutters and pavements to be cleaned. Cigarette stubs outside One-Stop. Flats being built on Southampton Hill (14). Where are they all going to park???

Tidy the streets. Make parking 30 mins everywhere except for residents. Stop the rat run. Keep the buses if possible.   Apply pressure (via the council?) to ensure that properties are properly maintained – there are too many ‘rundown’ properties. The Bugle needs to be ‘rescued’. It either needs to become ‘the best hotel in town’ or it needs to be converted into an arcade – like the arcade in Wickham. Perhaps some wealthy residents will buy it??? Perhaps the whole village could buy it? Bellfield should have a pub.

Parking Warden giving out tickets.   Today told to park in the street!!

Make more of and promote the unique history of the village. Attract a variety of shops and businesses.   Better signage to the Abbey and historic village. Reduction of speed limits in the village and Mill Lane. A proper historic village trail with signage and details of notable points. Buses routed to connect to the village but not through it, or the availability of smaller community type buses.

Bigger historic profile. More events within the Abbey grounds.

Fewer cars but this is not an option.     A little more understanding of other people’s needs

Obvious interaction between key groups (Trust, St Peters, Community Centre, etc.) to effect a cohesive approach to protecting the village from external tampering from FBC Highways Agency etc. A strong supportive group ‘singing from the same song sheet’.

More frequent 28 and 28A buses.   A pedestrian crossing on the A27 at the St Margarets Lane/Shell Garage/Holiday Inn Roundabout.

Residential parking and lower speed limit.

More colour: trees would make a huge difference (they could be put in very large pots in strategic parts of the square – one on the green perhaps or even a may pole – probably too European?)   Shops could be spruced up to be more colourful; shops and cafes extended into the square.   For Bellfield, a Community Hall near the Bellfield play ground. Barry’s Meadow playground and Bellfield playgrounds are very, very dull, they need wooden ships (as befits Titchfield History) and wooden replica of the Abbey. Filling the square with cobble stones would identify it as a separate space; reduce the traffic allowed thro’ the square. For examples see many European Square. Improve the surgery – replace with modern double story building, extend car park into Barry’s Meadow and make more use of it, rare use is made of the space beyond the playground.   Extend the car park near the canal. Improve the canal path between A27 to Bridge Street. Knock down the Community Centre and rebuild a double storey building and transfer the Titchfield Theatre there. Need better facilities for the disabled and old, as Titchfield is an aged/ageing population. If you want to go the whole hog extend the community centre across the A27, with either a footbridge or underground tunnel connecting buildings on both sides.   While you’re at it, make the Community Centre car park a double storey one!

It was and could be a better place to live if more respect was   given to residents rights over shoppers and employees who utilise what should be residents preferences: I don’t know about work, I’m not sure what is meant by ‘play’ but I find the village a very sociable place to live in although I am now seriously weighing up the pros v angst over parking.

Restriction on through traffic.   Closing Bridge Street at Stubbington Road end. Speed restrictions in Common Lane. Bumps or chicanes. Also St Margarets and Posbrook Lane. Plans have been published but never started.

Although I do not live in the village (I live in Gosport) and used to live on Titchfield Road so I know the village well. I have been visiting the village for 33 years. Recently we decided to move house and saw one that we would have liked but it was on the narrow part of the road through the village and we were put off by the traffic through the village. Other than that, I feel everything else is fine. However, I feel that the beginning of the footpath to the Beach is quite dirty with dog mess- obviously a lot of “visitors” are NOT picking up.

Close Bridge Street. Close human divide – them and us!     Reduce litter. Maintenance against flooding.

More Parks.    Already good enough for me.   Its already good.    The roads and more bins

Eco friendly with a classic yet modern feel.    More playgrounds.   Wider roads

Put a speed limit.      Pick up the litter.        Make the paths smooth.   A Library.  Public toilets.

A Titchfield Library.    Facilities.   Less rubbish.   Wider roads to get there and back.

There are 3 hairdressers in the village so you could replace one with a Stationery shop etc.

Bigger roads/wider roads. A stationery shop.   School bike riding group!   Good restaurant.

A good quality restaurant and less second hand shops.     More parking signs.

A Lloyds Bank! More parking, less traffic through the village. Groups of teenagers gone and no smokers outside the Bugle and free beer.

Updating of children’s playground with modern equipment.

More signage to identify the amazing history of the village.

Large lorries not allowed through the oldest part of the village.

Limited time for lorries to stop so cutting out parking with engines running and eating lunch.

Recognition by Council that this village and area are of National Heritage importance.

Better sitting and pathways along canal and continual upkeep of this historic waterway.

Speed cameras along Posbrook Lane – used as a speeding cut through at peak times.Width makes this dangerous for properties and other users when speeding cars use it.

Noticeable dog waste bins and bins eg near canal bridge and by meadow and play area.

Something for teenagers (skate board/basket ball net on meadow site).

Trust award for best flower arrangement for business frontage and best private houses frontage arrangement.

Upgrade the Park.   Sweet Shop.  More things to do. Something to attract people to Titchfield

Somewhere for the older kids to hangout because there is nowhere for them to go. They just hang round the square.

More activities for both young and old people that live in or outside the village.

More things for children to do.     More shops to encourage people to shop locally.

A sweet shop.   All cars up West Street should go on a drive. More clubs for kids.

More public parks.      Bigger houses and more public parks.    More space

One way traffic that would discourage people using the village as a ‘rat run’.

Re-routing the bus so that it is still convenient for people to use but does not try to go through the centre of the village. Large speed bumps and the enforcement of the 20 mile an hour speed limit by the police now and again. Another review of the parking would also help as we haven’t got that right yet either. One way traffic might affect the shops a little but people really wanting to use the amenities would find a way to do it.

St Margaret’s Lane is also unsafe and needs urgent attention. Speed bumps would deter people from using it as a ‘rat run’ at peak times.

The Community Centre is a great addition but it needs sprucing up and rationalising. It would be helpful if there was more detailed information in the Titchfield News from time to time about events and groups. Reports of events would help and encourage people to join groups. A better welcome and more efficient joining arrangements for some very full clubs could also be improved eg the History Socy and the Gardening Club, also more information about the Arts Theatre and how to join or help out there.

The canal path, although it has had some attention, still needs a lot more work. There should be large notices about keeping your dog on a lead! Improving the surfaces of other walks around the village would be a bonus for the elderly. Maybe we could have a bench or two!

Stop traffic using village as a rat run especially the speed they whizz through the village and smaller buses.