Information from FBC re Consultation Process

We have now received the following information from FBC which is self-explanatory:

‘The Council are planning to commence consultation on the submission (Regulation 16) Titchfield Neighbourhood Plan (TNP) on Friday, 23rd November 2018 until Friday 11th January 2019. The Council will create a bespoke consultation page on the Fareham Borough Council website, which will include the TNP and supporting documents.

In terms of hard copies of the documents, these will be placed during the consultation in the Council offices, all libraries in the Borough and the Jubilee Surgery. The Council also intend to post hard copies of the consultation on noticeboards in the village.

The Council will formally respond to the submission TNP and it is intended that the comments will be reported at a meeting of the Council’s Executive on  the 7th January 2019.’

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