2 thoughts on “Minutes Forum Meeting – June 2017

  1. Gloria Hunt

    Hi Sue,
    Thank you for your question. We have not given anybody the route for the judges as their walk round is only a small part of what they see. We have taken photos throughout the year of gardens and pots outside so they understand that an hour and a half is only a snapshot of this lovely village. We were able to get to some roads ,especially those further out with flyers, and for roads like yours and mine we have relied on people finding out about us in the shops, on the posters, in the parish magazine and on the Titchfield Matters webpage. We will be in the parish rooms on Sunday 2nd July to answer any questions as well. Our aim is for everyone to enjoy the blooms and for this not to be for the judging but for the pleasure of the village every year from now on. Hope this answers your question and if you have pots and containers we are doing a village judging for small prizes and this will be every road in the village looked at by the committee as we don’t want anyone missed out. Hope to meet you Sunday 2nd
    Gloria Hunt

  2. Sue

    We love living in the village. We have not received any route information regarding the Village in Bloom judging on July 10th. We live on Southampton Hill. Are we not part of the village?

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