Neighbourhood Plan submitted FBC

22nd October. We have submitted the Final Version of the Neighbourhood Plan to FBC

The next stage of the process is that FBC will carry out a compliance check of the Plan. Providing the Plan meets all the relevant checks, there will be a further period of public consultation which will be a minimum of 6 weeks.

After this an external independent examiner will evaluate the Plan. The referendum will be at the end of January beginning of February 2019.

Ann Wheal – Chair,  Titchfield Neighbourhood Forum

5 thoughts on “Neighbourhood Plan submitted FBC

  1. Nick Girdler

    Good news that it now complies, but still in the dark about why it didn’t at first!
    The requirement for 152 extra houses withing the plan area still remains then.
    Will it still remain if Foreman Homes win their appeal for 150 homes in Posbrook Lane ?

  2. Peter Wheal Post author

    The Neighbourhood Plan, posted on this website in October, is the final Plan. There has been no change to it since it was posted.

    The non-compliance to which you refer relates to additional information required in other documentation submitted to FBC.

    We re-submitted the relevant documents to FBC on 5th November and have since received confirmation that ‘the Titchfield Neighbourhood Plan and supporting documents as re-submitted on 5th November 2018 and the process followed by Titchfield Neighbourhood Forum now complies with the statutory requirements.’

    Ann Wheal

  3. Nick Girdler

    I’m assuming I can’t see a copy of the ‘Final’ plan because it was returned to you to put right the 3 areas that failed to meet the requirements of the compliance check.
    Any idea when we will be able to see it ?

  4. Ann Wheal

    Throughout the production of the Plan, we have been advised by Locality an organisation who advise, help and support Forums. Their advice is that we should continue to produce the Plan using guidance from the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) dated March 2012. If you look at the front cover page of the Neighbourhood Plan you will see that it states this. The Plan is certainly not irrelevant.

  5. S Evans

    If my understanding is correct, this plan has to be aligned with the FBC Local Plan and NPPF. As seen from FBC recently, they are “tearing up” their plan due to the NPPF changes announced in July. Won’t that mean this plan is out date vs the Local plan and the 2012 NPPF? If this NP is submitted vs the old LP and NPPF plans, won’t the revised LP/NPPF supersede the NP and effectively make it irrelevant? If so, shouldn’t we wait and make sure we are aligned?

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