NP Survey Results Feb 2016

The survey was carried out by a sub committee of TVT, chaired by Ann Wheal.

The sub committee was set up look into ways to improve the environment in and around Titchfield.

The information gathered will guide the sub committee (forum) – and help them to decide whether or not developing a Neighbourhood Plan is a good idea and if so what the main issues are that the plan should address. Of the 21 forum members, seven were born in Titchfield and seven are long standing residents/business people.

How did we define Titchfield?   For the purposes of the survey  Titchfield was defined as stretching from the Abbey in the north to Posbrook Lane in the south including Bellfield, Posbrook Lane, Common Lane, Brownwich Lane, Mill Lane as far as Segensworth Road and the Garston Road area.

Who took part in the survey?  Anyone who chose to could complete a questionnaire

The questionnaires were available throughout the village.
We asked 300 plus people with an e-mailing list to circulate the questionnaire.
We left blank questionnaires in the Queen’s Head in a highly visible box
We left blank questionnaires in Hadlows the butchers,  The youth club, The scouts, The  school,  The WIs, Every shop  in the village, The country market, The community centre

We posted questionnaires randomly through village letterboxes
Posters were displayed on the TVT notice board, in the greengrocers, in the parish rooms and in the community centre.

An article was published in the parish magazine – circulation 420

Who completed the questionnaires?

500 questionnaires were distributed – 152 questionnaires were returned –

This is a good percentage for a response to a survey.

The map below shows the the location of those who completed a questionnaire.

Post code Capture

The Questionnaire

  1. Name (optional) 2, Postcode
  2. Age (please circle) under 16 16-21   21-30 30-50 51-65   66-80   Over 80
  3. Do you live in Titchfield? yes/no
  4. Do you work in Titchfield ?         yes/no
  5. How far have you travelled?

7 Do you belong to a village group   yes/no     8. Which group(s)?

9.Do you feel part of the village?   yes/no

11. What are the best bits about Titchfield?

13. What does n’t work so well in the village?

14.What would make Titchfield a better place to live, work and play?

The results of the survey were as follows:





Ch Comm



                                         Q 8  Which Groups ?

ChGroup2Snip MiscB


Ch Amen                                    

                                  Q 11. Village Amenities Used

ChVill Am2                           

                                            Q 12.   The Village Best Bits


       Note! The individual comments to Q.12  can be found here

    Snip Vil Prob

       Note! The individual comments to question 13 can be found here

Snip V I

Overwhelmingly the major issues arising from the survey are traffic related.  The full list of suggested improvements can be found here.

More detailed graphs, showing how the views expressed in the survey are affected by age groups and/or geographical location, can be found here


 So, are the results valid?

We have 152 responses from a 7,000 population. So, we can be 95% certain we will be within 8% of the answer we would get if we surveyed all 7,000 people

For example  –  50% of the suggested improvements were traffic related. So we can say we are 95% certain that, if we asked all 7,000 inhabitants, we would find that the number of people that would cite traffic issues would be between 42% and 58% – i.e. within 8% of the survey figure.


We are indebted to all the people who took time to respond to the questionnaire.

We also wish to thank the following people for their help and assistance:

Carole Healey – de-cyphering and entering all participants comments,  Kim Laws – help with spreadsheet and graphics,  Ann Wheal – entering data on spreadsheet,  Andy Hoare – technical advice,       Tony Postle – help with analysis and graphics,  Sarah Jones – auditing the questionnaires, and  Peter Wheal –  presentation of results.

Hadlows, The Queen’s Head, The School, The Community Centre – and all who assisted in distribution and collection of questionnaires