Open Day – July 2017

We were delighted with the response of the village residents to our open day. Thank you to everyone who came along and who gave their opinions on some of the things we are doing. We believe about 400 people attended.

The responses are currently being typed up and will be published on the website soon.

We are also waiting for the remaining questionnaires to come in. The results and comments, will be published on the website.

If you were not able to come to the Open Meeting, the following information was shared:

  • The Forum, voted unanimously to object to the Posbrook site development – see our objection.
  • We are preparing our Neighbourhood Plan to coincide with the Fareham Local Plan which they hope will reach the Executive Committee of the Council in September.
  • The Forum realises that over the next 20 years there may need to be some housing in Titchfield, especially for young families and young people. However, we wish to use the statutory nature of the plan to influence what type and where this housing should be.
  • Our policy to favour brownfield sites and smaller developments can be viewed in our policy objectives.
  • We also have to include in our Plan any projects the residents are keen to see included. Although these are not statutory, we must seek alternative funding to help projects voted for in the plan. Some of the projects were on show on Sunday and we are grateful to all those who responded with their comments.


1 thought on “Open Day – July 2017

  1. Martin de Wied

    Objection sent today – Its worth taking time to read through all of the documents on FBC planning portal. Imagine my surprise to see Forman Homes came into Barn Close took photos of all our properties and included them in their publication without our permission. Even standing on our patio to take photos of other properties. know whats!

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