2 thoughts on “Open Meeting – Sunday 7th, Jan, 2018

  1. Colin Wilton-Smith

    Thank you for the positive comment on the presentation,a great deal of hard work went into it.With regard to flooding and Welbourne as pointed out at the meeting,this is outside the remit of the Forum as none of the proposed development is within the Forum area.River Wallington does not connect with the Meon.Flood risk and drainage assessments are normal with a development of this size.The Forum will monitor the situation and if there is anything of concern to the Forum Area becomes apparent representations will be made on behalf of the Community.

  2. Graham Wood

    Fantastic documentation & displays. Many thanks to the team.
    I attempted to confront the Housing gentleman with the issue of ‘Flooding” especially after Welborne with regard to the impact to Titchfield from land drainage from the rivers Wallington and Meon upstream, sadly with little response! Anyone with an ounce of common will be aware what will happen!

    Graham Wood

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