Pavements around the village


Lesley Blackburn who is on our footpaths and cycle path group has come up with the following suggestions. Please tell us what you think? Would it work?

Local residents could adopt their section of footpath (pavement) by keeping it clear of over-hanging vegetation. This would also prevent the build-up of weeds, debris and moss which tends to make footpaths slippery especially in wet weather. – I know some very public spirited residents already do this so we don’t want to preach to the converted.

Local organisations and businesses could adopt particular parts of a footpath. It would be up to the organisation in question how they would do this. It could be a clear up which would be great, but on-going maintenance would be better, whether that is to remove litter or chewing gum stains or the timely reporting of footpath faults to the relevant authorities.

We could include the youth organisations and the school which would be a way of showing young people that we all need to do a little to keep our village looking at its best.

There could also be an environmental angle perhaps to appeal to younger minds as if looking after a footpath becomes a chore it’s never going to be a success.

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