2 thoughts on “Posbrook – Developers Appeal

  1. Andrew D Gaisford

    No comparison as Welborne was a a genuine attempt to provide a new town that took most of the pressure of central governments dictat over housing numbers and Posbrook is a speculative development by an individual who bought the land for just this purpose. The problem with Welborne is that, as I understand it the landowner is reluctant to sell.

    We cannot fight new housing but we should fight inappropriate development.

  2. Graham Wood

    I joined Mr Cunningham (the councillor) and hundreds of others when we tried to thwart the Wellborn project attending meetings and rallies but to no avail. This all sounds negative but the companies and planners know exactly how to play their game in order to win. Surely there are enough brains in Titchfield to inject some good reasoning objections that we can all join in on, bearing in mind as to how ‘they’ sidestepped very good and well prepared objections, yet Wellborn still won!

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