The DRAFT Plan is published

NP 4 Website  25 July 2018

The DRAFT Plan is published and your comments are invited. The consultation period is from 20th July until 10th September 2018.

You can comment at the public consultation meetings or by going to the Have Your Say page on this website or you can use the comment facility at the foot of this page.  Or you can comment in writing and hand your letter to any Forum member.





Proposed Emblem – Consultation

This response has been sent to Connie Hockley’s query at the May Forum meeting re consultation on the proposed emblem. It is copied from an e mail to her.

I see from the notes of the Forum meeting that you were querying whether there had been sufficient consultation on the emblem. I thought I would tell you that I sent out a copy of the emblem with some explanation in our last newsletter. Over 400 people are on my e mail list and the various societies send out the newsletter to their members too so there is a total of well over 700 people who will have seen it. I asked for comments and only had 3 written responses though I occasionally meet people in the street who say they like it. The emblem and details are also on the website and we know there have been visits to that. Sean also made a presentation to the TVT meeting and the History Society meeting so apart from the people at the Church Fete I would say that over 800 people have seen it.

 Do you have any further suggestions? I thought that Sean might like to post it on the wall of the greengrocers and in the Queen’s Head. He might also put up a poster in the Community Centre but they only accept A5 which seem a little small.

One important comment I have had is that we should ensure that the emblem will reduce down sufficiently well to enable it to be used on letter headings. A comment today on the website suggested we produce flags.

Ann Wheal         Chair – Titchfield Forum.

Draft NP to assessors.

Today the DRAFT Neighbourhood Plan  is at assessors for a ‘Health Check’. This is being done by an organisation that exists to help groups such as the Forum – so they are on our side.

All the minutes and reports that various groups have produced are included as appendices and all web-site contributions can be referenced. All the events, open days, meetings and initiatives that the Forum has engaged in are referred to and will improve the chances of the document being well received. Hopefully, the health-check will confirm that we are on the right path but, if not, they will instruct us so that we can make adjustments.

This does not mean that we are at the end of the road – more like we are at the start of the next stage which will be the Public Consultation Process.

Now is a good time to mention the fact that the preparation of the plan has only been possible because of masses of work done by many people – too many to name individually.

It really has been a team effort so thanks to everyone who contributed.


19 February 2018

Buses in South St

I wonder if you have discussed the problems of buses travelling down South St and potential solutions?

I often have problems travelling into the village from Coach Hill when meeting an oncoming bus.  You can’t see a bus from that direction when you enter the narrow street. Driving past the bus is then hazardous and difficult since there is no room to pass due to parked cars and the bollards. It’s also hard to reverse out when cars are following you.

A simple solution would be to remove the bollards to reduce the risk of vehicle damage or install lights to control the flow of traffic along this section of road. This road was much better years ago before the width restrictions and installation of the stupid bollards.

Steve Cussons

Do you have a short story in you?

A group from the village is going to publish a book with a difference, and is seeking 15-29       authors to each write a chapter.  Each chapter (between 3000 and 6000 words) will be a complete fictional short story, set in a period of the author’s choice between the Dark Ages and the 1950s. For example, it could be early 15th century or 680 (when the church was built) or WWII or any other period.  It can be a love story, a mystery (like the Cadfael books) or any other topic but the history of that period must be correct.  All proceeds from the book will be given to charity – yet to be decided.

Apply by post by 7th February on one A4 sheet to John Hiett, Kames Cottage, 9-11 High Street, Titchfield PO14 4AE,  stating:

Your name, address, telephone number and email address

  • The period you have chosen.
  • A brief resume of the story.
  • A paragraph about yourself, to show why you should be chosen.

Publication date is before the end of 2018.

If you are selected you will be sent further details about the schedule and a style guide.

Report on Open Meeting – Sunday 7th Jan – 2018

The Open Meeting was well attended despite the cold weather. Colin Wilton -Smith made a brief presentation explaining the Forum’s housing proposals and Forum members were on hand to answer questions. There was also a visual display setting out the proposals  plus a running slide presentation. All attendees were invited to vote on the proposals.

The presentation is here and a voting form is here so if you were unable to attend the meeting you still have the opportunity to vote on the proposals.  Voting will close at midnight on Jan 14th,  2018

If you have any queries please get in touch



ANPR Cameras

What follows is an extract from a letter sent to all FBC Councillors regarding the deployment of Automatic Number Plate recognition cameras in the Borough

The ANPR cameras have been deployed in 27 locations across Fareham as part of a study required in relation to the air quality exceedance that has been identified by DEFRA/DfT as part of the Government’s commitment National Air Quality Plan to address nitrogen dioxide exceedences along the A27 and A32 in the vicinity of Fareham Town Centre. The survey is being funded by DEFRA and the cameras will be in situ for 1 week.  The camera locations allow monitoring of all vehicle types entering the area of exceedence and a plan of the locations is attached for your reference.

The ANPR cameras have been commissioned jointly by Fareham Borough Council and Hampshire County Council and have all the required permissions from Hampshire Highways in place.

The data from the cameras will be used to inform the evidence base for the air quality plan that will need to be developed for the A27/A32 adjacent to Fareham town centre.