Progress of Traffic Sub-group

Progress of Traffic Sub-group

The following is a handful of points that have evolved from our various meetings.

  • Traffic and parking are both ‘hardy annual’ issues that have received attention over many years.  Nonetheless, the problems with both continue and show no sign of easing, indeed quite the opposite
  • Areas where traffic issues dominate may be summarised as follows:
    • Coach Hill – specifically where schoolchildren try to cross the rush-hour traffic flow
    • Common Lane – early indications of increased traffic flow consequent to the St Margarets Roundabout work
    • West Street – where a 20mph limit starts close to the Square rather than the more logical option of nearer the St Margarets Lane junction
    • Posbrook Lane
    • Mill Lane – where a 40mph limit applies from the A27 northwards
    • Fishers Hill – as an option to cut out the gyratory traffic jams
    • The Square where traffic tends to accelerate out of the narrow ends to the High Street and South Street
  • Options to mitigate the traffic issues have been proposed to the Neighbourhood Plan consultant.  These include:
    • A pedestrian crossing on Coach Hill (or Lollipop Person)
    • Extending the pre-existing 20mph limits
    • Road narrowing, potentially using traffic islands (for example in The Square)
    • Speed activated warning signs on lampposts
    • Speed bumps/rumble strips, recognising that these have both foundered during previous attempts
  • The sub-group also has an open mind to more radical options some of which are being shared with the consultant to test their viability
  • Car parking initiatives are basically limited to implementation of Resident Parking and Controlled Parking Zones.  Fareham Borough Council is not an active supporter of such schemes, but resident parking  remains under consideration within our Group

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