Proposed Emblem – Consultation

This response has been sent to Connie Hockley’s query at the May Forum meeting re consultation on the proposed emblem. It is copied from an e mail to her.

I see from the notes of the Forum meeting that you were querying whether there had been sufficient consultation on the emblem. I thought I would tell you that I sent out a copy of the emblem with some explanation in our last newsletter. Over 400 people are on my e mail list and the various societies send out the newsletter to their members too so there is a total of well over 700 people who will have seen it. I asked for comments and only had 3 written responses though I occasionally meet people in the street who say they like it. The emblem and details are also on the website and we know there have been visits to that. Sean also made a presentation to the TVT meeting and the History Society meeting so apart from the people at the Church Fete I would say that over 800 people have seen it.

 Do you have any further suggestions? I thought that Sean might like to post it on the wall of the greengrocers and in the Queen’s Head. He might also put up a poster in the Community Centre but they only accept A5 which seem a little small.

One important comment I have had is that we should ensure that the emblem will reduce down sufficiently well to enable it to be used on letter headings. A comment today on the website suggested we produce flags.

Ann Wheal         Chair – Titchfield Forum.

1 thought on “Proposed Emblem – Consultation

  1. S Evans

    Just a thought, but there are 2000+ members on the Voice 4 Titchfield group on Facebook. Is there any reason not to post it on there for feedback? There are many of us in the village who do not receive newsletters or are not members of the various societies. As a straw poll, I asked neighbours if they knew about this and 5 for 5 said no. Positive feedback when I showed them though…

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