2 thoughts on “Public Consultation Meetings

  1. S Evans

    Can I ask (again) you advertise this plan and meetings via social media or at least do another flyer drop and/or posters in the village? Many people do not even know about this and don’t know it’s happening. There has been virtually no publicity about this since publication and I question why this is the case. People DO care but they need to know about this first. The assumption one flyer drop is sufficient to inform people and engage with them is a mistake.

  2. Ann Wheal

    Over 1200 flyers have been distributed throughout the village. Every house and business premises have had a copy delivered. in fact businesses have been kept informed throughout the Neighbourhood Plan process, including an individual letter.

    There are just two more Open Meetings before the end of the public consultation period – Saturday, 25th August on the green at 10 am – 12 noon and Tuesday, 4th September in the studio at Titchfield Festival Theatre 7pm – 9pm. Do come and have your say.

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