A quiet walk on the canal path…

Bank Holiday Monday, enjoying a quiet walk along canal only to be greeted by two adult male cyclists steaming along the path. When I pointed out the path was for Walkers Only I was greeted with a sarcastic remark and they just continued on their way. Ignorance certainly is bliss in the cycling world and those that really do not care just put all cyclists in a bad light.


2 thoughts on “A quiet walk on the canal path…

  1. C G O Walker

    Having lived in Titchfield for over 49 years I am still firmly opposed to cyclists and horses on the canal footpath. I have enjoyed walking it peacefully with my children, grandchildren, dogs, friends and relations. It is a safe place for children to roamAt quiet times especially when it is not busy there is so much wild life to watch – deer, watervoles, fox cubs, squirrels, snakes and birds, and to observe the fish life.

    Over the years various improvements have been made to the actual footpath BUT these were made to make the surface safer to walk on NOT for other means of transport.

    If people want a cycle way modify Posbrook Lane


  2. Tim Mason

    The exceptional event doesn’t prove the rule.
    Once, when out jogging, a dog owner let his dog come out straight in front of me. I crashed very painfully to the ground. When I eventually got up, I had blood coming from a couple of places. I have not been left with a permanent grudge against dog owners!

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