Report on Open Meeting – Sunday 7th Jan – 2018

The Open Meeting was well attended despite the cold weather. Colin Wilton -Smith made a brief presentation explaining the Forum’s housing proposals and Forum members were on hand to answer questions. There was also a visual display setting out the proposals  plus a running slide presentation. All attendees were invited to vote on the proposals.

The presentation is here and a voting form is here so if you were unable to attend the meeting you still have the opportunity to vote on the proposals.  Voting will close at midnight on Jan 14th,  2018

If you have any queries please get in touch



6 thoughts on “Report on Open Meeting – Sunday 7th Jan – 2018

  1. Knight

    With respect to hearing difficulties at the open meeting, I too had difficulties in hearing all that was going on. As well as a lack of microphones, it would be helpful if people didn’t chatter while the questions and answers are going on, especially those at the back of the hall!

  2. C G O Walker

    I attended the Open Meeting but found it impossible to hear the various QUESTIONS AND RESPONSES. I am not the only person with a hearing defect; statistically one person in 6 in this country suffers from a hearing defect (Report from Help for Hearing Loss Charity) When the TVT holds a Meeting in the Parish Room the Loop and Microphone is used; ANYONE ASKING A QUESTION FROM THE FLOOR USES THE WANDERING MICROPHONE AND THE RESPONDER ALSO USES THE MICROPHONE. BbELIEVE ME IT WORKS. COULD THE FORUM PLEASE FOLLOW SUIT.

  3. Peter Wheal Post author

    The last time we tried on-line voting, Alison it went a bit pear-shaped so I suggest you print off a form – then drop it in through our letter box. Alternatively you can leave it with the greengrocer or pop it over the bar at the Queens Head.
    Thanks, Peter.

  4. Alison Ascough

    Can you vote on line or does the form have to be printed off? If it has to be printed where does it need to be sent to?

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