Responses to Q.12 – The best bits about Titchfield


Good place to grow old – caring people, all facilities you need – Doctor, Dentist, pubs, eateries, garage, butcher, beauty parlours, hairdressers, societies.

Good village atmosphere.  Community of nice people.   Last outpost of civilisation in Solent City

History, lovely village. Means a lot to us true villagers.  Carnival and Canal

Close to Fareham Railway Station but still a nice place. Got Titchfield canal and The Rec (football and basketball is very good).

Having lots of shops close, and Carnival.

The personalities, the history, the buildings, the enthusiasm.

Nice setting, generally friendly people, lots of activities, good community centre, reasonable convenience shops and other facilities, e.g Doctors

Knowing lots of people, good caring community.   Friendly atmosphere and facilitites.

Community spirit.   Community.   People.   Very friendly.   The community and the beauty

Close community and care for each other in our own vicinity. History, Community Centre/Activities. Garden Centres.

Convenience to One-Stop, Co-op and Chemist. History and ease of good reliable public transport.

Village life and Carnival.   Community spirit – Listings to prevent downfall – athletics

Pub, Butchers, Veg shop and community. Church.  Queens Head and TFT.

The historic feeling.    Christmas trees.   The people are friendly and kind.

All businesses are happy to work together and help each other out.

People say Hello in the street. Close knit community spirit. It is a walkable neighbourhood.

People are always friendly and say Hello. It is a beautiful village with lots of history. There is always so much goping on. You sometimes are not able to support everything. Finally it has a wonderful historic Church at the heart of the village which will include a new Heritage Centre.

History.   Quietness.    Christmas lights/decorations.   Village feel.  Community.  The Park.

Community Centre, Parish Rooms.    The Church and Queens Head

Pretty village, friendly, nice walks.

Friendships . Community – everyone works together. Support. Access to towns, countryside and sea.

Dog walking along canal. Coffee shop in jewellers. Sense of community continued through the Country Market.   Proximity of all the shops.

Has a centre with old buildings.   Character. Variety of shops. Footpaths giving access to the countryside.

It is a village and still holds on to what a village should be/is.

Good Community/friendly.   Variety of shops/pubs

The Community as a whole, including Church. Interesting history. The countryside and areas to walk. Ability to know your neighbours and the residents of the village.

Community spirit.    Sense of community. Welcoming. Good variety of shops and facilities.

The community spirit, the fact that there is always something going on, which you can dip in and out of as you want. The walks available for me and my dog. I love Christmas and the tree decoration outside people’s houses. Carnival. People who put flags out for jubilees etc. – all part of that community spirit. Its position between Southampton and Portsmouth and near the sea, good road; and bus links.

Canal.    Village Centre,  Jubileee Surgery.  Riverside walks,   Church.

Village Square within walking distance. Good bus service. shops and Jubilee Surgery.

The actual village people from Bellfield, Southampton Hill etc.      History

The history of our village. Our true villagers. It was a quare before it was made into a Car Park.

The history. This has been passed down to me from generations of our village. My father a very sought after man for his building work. Knowledge in the buildings always in his working years he sourced the materials for the very old cottage, as we as a family lived in one.

Having a variety of different shops.      A fish and chip shop would benefit the village.

The old Titchfield people as they are friendly.  The people that are born and bred here.

The people, the real locals. The Doctors, Chemist, Church, Butchers.

Church, Canal Walks, Doctors.    The true villagers.   Wanting to keep the village as a village.

Queens Head.   TFT.   The Queens Head.     St Peters Church

Community Spirit.

Has a village feel about it – Carnival, Xmas Trees outside properties. Church Fete – local Church – Bells ringing

Walking my daughter to school/shops/Park.    People saying Hello.   Carnival.

Christmas Trees/Flags on houses. Getting to know people.    Generally friendly atmosphere

Small friendly village.    Nice environment to live and work. Good dog walks – CANAL

Being able to walk to shops, surgery and all the events held in the village

Active community. Convenient. Support and good bus service

IT is so very peaceful.     Having the important shops to hand and doctors

Its friendliness, ambience, hnistory. A unique pocket in a sea of very ordinary (?) development, semi-urban sprawl. Good bus servies and range of shops

The community spirit, Church, shops, Parish Room, Community Centre, having everything within walking distance of my house in West Street. The chemist, Post Office and Hadlows, as well as the co-op.

Small, lots of shops and nice walks around. Mostly friendly people. Easy access to motorway, good doctors. Community things like Titchfield Ablaze.

It is very old, lots of character. Locals are friendly, some of the families have been here for   years. Lots of history. Quaint pubs.

The location – proximity of amenities, Doctors, Church and shops.

Community aspect to village centre.    Convenience stores – opening hours

Friendly/Good community.    Parking is now better.   Wheatsheaf pub – great community.

Character. The Wheatsheaf.    Village community spirit.    Places of interest/walks.

Old-world charm. Architecture. Village atmosphere in central area. Sense of community. Christmas Trees on buildings look fantastic.

A lovely safe friendly village.   Free car parking.    Bus service.    Good Doctors.

The Theatre, the Abbey, the Barn, the Church, Canal. Its traditional pubs. The village’s history.

Good range of shops, sense of commuunity – supportive, a lot going on. Attractive place.

The community spirit, the picturesque scenery, the friendly people.

Shops, Parks and clean.     Close to everything. It is all 5 – 15 minutes walk so it is easy.

It retains a village feeling and most people are friendly.     Co-op, One-stop and Chemist

Countryside view and friendly people.   The Doctors Surgery. Friends and friendship

Shops are close. Home is OK.   Friends OK.   Nothing!

Friendly, safe and strongly commited to its exceptional local history. Festival Theatre, Community Centre, although much of its use is from outside the village.

Adequate shops. Good health Clinic. Community Centre, Chemist, Church, Walk along canal. Adequate bus service to nighbouring towns. Good School.

Local County Councillors attend village meetings. Good Bowling Club. Good quality food at Inns.

The Church, Butcher, Veg Shop, Co-op, Walks , TVT – having the villages best interests aty heart.

The beautiful village and history. Great amenities – historic church. Brilliant Butcher. Lovely Grocers, easy to access roads. Still has village ambience.

Walks, Day Room, Friendly people.    Community Spirit

Belonging to a Community which has historic roots. St Peters Church and local shopping

Community atmosphere.     Quiet at night. Having the Theatre

Saturday and Sunday when there is no car racing!

Very friendly compact village. History. Many original buildings. River and Canal.

Friendliness of the people and its history.   Nice setting.

The personalities, History, Buildings and the enthusiasm.

The people, the way they support the events and organisations within the village. The self contained nature of the village in amongst the larger towns and cities.

Generally friendly people. Lots of activities, good community centre, convenient shops and other facilities. eg Doctors.

Friendly and neighbourly.  People, activities and history.   The community

Still retains a good sense of community.   Its old, small and cosy.   The Park and shops

Everything is in walking distance or small drive/bus aaway for Fareham, Whiteley etc.

Proximity of all amenities and geographical location and friendliness of village

Sense of community, welcoming, good variety of shops and facilities

Its age/everyone is friendly. Hallmark good coffee and food. The Church/ the position of it in relation to The Haven.

School.   Shops, good school and good for cycling.   Shops.   People.   Play facilities

People.   School.   Youth Club and Titchfield Primary School.   Titchfield Primary School

Good Community Spirit.   Community.     Nice quiet village close to M27. Good neighbours

Nice people. Pretty village, neighbours

The amazing history in the village. Ability to shop for everyday food in walking distance. Excellent pub with good food. Safety when walking in village.

Carnival and Bonfire Night.   Carnival.   Carnival.    Community Spirit.   Historic. Very pretty

The history behind it.    Restaurants/Scouts.    Pubs/Restaurants.   Lots of fun and cheery people

The old structures like St Peters and Titchfield Abbey.    Scouts

It is very friendly and has everything you need, especially when you are getting older or have a young family. There are lots of interesting things going on for all ages. It is conveniently near other larger shopping areas and other groups and amenities eg groups like Fareham Beekeepers, several nearby health facilities for swimming and exercise. The walk down to the sea is delightful. It’s great to have the Parish Rooms AND the Community Centre. The school, church, doctor and post office are a real bonus. We even have a reliable garage! The pubs are O.K. too although some are better than others!

Community spirit, theatre, surgery, carnival, shops

Friendly community, community acitivities like Christmas trees, flags, carnival, beautiful village, great runs/walks from your front door