Responses to Question 13 WHAT DOESN’T WORK IN VILLAGE

We would use the pubs often if the food was better

There are still two Titchfields – the affluent part, from which comes most of the volunteers for committees, or to help others, and the other part of Titchfield. I don’t know if anything can be done to integrate these.

Nothing that has an easy (or any)solution eg parking

Cars, lack of committment to village life by many residents.

Parking and traffic management

No bus shelter in the Square and trying to cross the road to put this in your letter box!

No skatepark!! a well planned skatepark. Even if its not bigt or anything, a small well made/planned park (including such as a half pipe, quarter pipe and small street section would be amazing). The nearest ones are in Locks Heath, Fareham and Lee, making Titchfield the epicentre for lack of skate parks.

Bin at side of Chinese     No bin INSIDE the park at Barry’s Meadow

Very little.  Regarding anybody outside the geographical limits you set as not quite legitimate

Bridge Street seems to be a short cut for traffic avoiding the main gyratory system

Parking.   Transport. 20mph could be increased.  Speed limits.  Speed limit.  Parking

Traffic too fast. No car park signs at South end of village.  South Street/Fareham Council

The abundance of traffic – especially those not abiding to 20mph, making difficulties for crossing the road, plus parking problems.

Volume of traffic .     South Street is a traffic nightmare.    Parking

Traffic and Parking. Lack of Fish and Chip Shop. Lack of signage for public toilets and car parks.

The village core and surrounding roads are increasingly domianated by vehicles. (Private cars use roads as ‘RAT RUNS’).

The parking, especially when people come from outside the village for large events e.g Carnival. Cars mounting the pavement along South Street to pass each other and endangering pedestrians.

Buses and large vehicles going through the village. Parking along road outside Butchers, opposite Hallmark etc. as makes even more traffic! Rat run through Bridge Street to Stubbington.

Prices in shops. Parking for disabled. Bus Shelter in Square outside Grocers.

Traffic, parking, inconsiderate drivers/pedestrians, buses. Too many large delivery trucks causes problems. The traffic calming causes more problems than it solves.

Too much traffic.    Rat run.     The flow of traffic and the use of South side as a rat run.

Inconsiderate and bad parking in South Street – nightmare for buses and affects others when bus cannot get through. Traffic too fast down Coach Hill and St Margaret’s Lane, the latter is hazardous to walk along.

Irresponsible drivers who park where they want whilst waiting for passenger to pick up papers, shopping, etc. Drivers who cannot recognise double yellow lines. The jams in South Street continue.

Parking and traffic, but the village isn’t really made for t he amount of cars on the road today. Big lorries/trucks squeezing through South Street. Residents finding a parking place.

Too much traffic.    Traffic through village.   Smokers outside Bugle on pavement.  No Bank.

I think it works pretty well, even the parking – the changes made recently are the best possible I think, it will always be an issue for some people but thats what heppens in villages.   Speeding is an issue but not exclusive to TItchfield. I worry about protection of the Green Belt around us and t hink that it is a very KEY role to help protect it.

Traffic , Parking – Barry’s field isn’t adequate. The community centre car park is too far for us to walk into the centre of the village – as a disabled driver – there are two disabled spaces in Barry’s field car park and one in the centre, outside One-Stop. I feel it is only a matter of time before a serious accident happens.   Lack of a Bus Shelter outside the Veg shop.


Too many cars parking in Square, South Street etc. They take precidence over everything. Southampton Hill is a nightmare trying to cross, cars speed down and trying to cross now I have to use Rollator to walk to village.

Parking. Traffic going through all the time, it never stops. Rat run and should be stopped. Perhaps the end of Common Lane should be closed, that would stop the Bridge Street traffic and “through” traffic going to reach Warsash Road. The Square is not a Square now – should change its name, its just a road.

The parking in the Square and every other part of Titchfield including Bellfield in particular.

Sadly so much, more could be done on promotion to the village, goodness me, do you really understand how old our village is, do you??? I do not think you do.   (SEE Attached )

Footpath required down Southampton Hill from A27 to The Green. Cars parked from entry to No 25. Making Southampton Hill a one way street after 5pm and at weekends, also during the day – there are difficulties when two cars want to pass. Double yellow lined needed. Cars still parked during weekdays at junction with A27.

Parking and having no bus shelter when I need to use the bus service.

The parking when I use the bus from the Square. It would be nice to have some sort of shelter.

The shops and roads. Titchfield is now a big car park and there is not a safe place to cross roads.

Trying to get across Coach Hill. We could do with a Belisha Beacon for older people and children.

The Village Trust (new residents). Stupid parking outside the Travel Agents. The Police re-enforcing parking on pavements and bends in the road. People now park anywhere ie Southampton Hill, Ransome Close, Bridge Street, West Hill

Village Trust.   Parking outside Travel shop.   Too many cooks spoil the broth

Allowing too many parking bays. Southampton Hill has cars backed all the way up to almost the top of Hill. Lights needed on right side of hill as it is complete darkness at night. I campaign for ages but no response.

The traffic.   No Weatherspoons.   Traffic through South Street.   Parking

Parking outside Butchers – people park on double yellow lines – can’t get through.

The short stay spaces in village really helped and we neeed more good ideas like this to help traffic. Worst along South Street and Coach Hill.

Parking. Make PROPER provision for those who come from outside the village, at a time when there is no suitable public transport. Reduce the number of 30 minute bays introduced last year.

Parking.    South Street bottle neck.      Traffic. Speeding through East Street. Getting onto the A27 at the gyratory in rush hour pm.

Traffic.     Parking.     Car Parking

Selfish parking, the Coach Hill rat run. A minority who do not pick up their dog poo! Litter – usually left feet away from a bin – and fag ends outside of One-Stop.

Traffic – The speed through East Street . Off A27 . Getting onto the A27. South Street bollards too close to road – a nightmare.

Parking – who no residents parking scheme?     Buses – infrequenty and last bus very early. Quite cliquey – difficult to get to know anyone beyond nodding terms unless you have a specific reasaon to spend time with them

TRAFFIC – People drive far too fast. Some cars coming from Common Lane are doing 40mph plus when they pass my house. Very few drivers let you out of your drive even less let you get in.

Traffic and car parking. Too many 30 minute parking slots. I think we do need residents parking for those who require it.

Traffic congestion – delivery lorries, buses through South Street. Being able to cross the road – large vehicles etc. bus/delivery lorries mask oncoming traffic.

Carnival – out dated.   The Carnival.   Lack of Bank.

Traffic congestion outside my shop eg when 2 buses or a bus and a lorry try to get down the narrow park (South Street). Unable to get change for the till when we run out.

Parking. Buses coming through.   PARKING

The proximity of the local homeless shelter.   Volume of traffic.

Still divisions between ‘real villagers’ and incomers.

Lack of young people/young families in the village itself

Public transport links – try getting back from Fareham by bus in the evening! No bus to Swanwick Station.

Even with the Youth Club, I am not sure how much there is for young people to do.

The feeling of intimidation whilst walking past drunks who drink the Churchyard on the public footpath. I have stopped walking this route.

Residents …… about parking in Square for customers and staff.

Buses and small roads.    Not enouogh lights and toilets around.    Parking in South Street

Need better shops eg clothes shop.    Untidy.   Road are narrow.   Happy with everything

Nothing.   Diversity is used unfairly.    The traffic! Too many people use Titchfield as a rat run

Parking in Square – limited. There are no signs directing cars to Car Park near Surgery.

Getting to Stubbington with no car.

Smoking outside the Bugle. People drinking on bench on Green by end of West Street. Unsavoury noise and behaviour at night in Square.

Parking – Will never attract outside clients as no one can park for b usiness.

Drunks and Druggies leaving unsavoury taste in the village.   Parking in Square

Cars speeding through and parking, especially round corner to West Street where cars protrude sometimes

Traffic at times precarious, when driving through . Worry that people pulling out don’t look and potentially could cause an accident

Cars parked at top of Southampton Hill. Speed of cars up Southampton Hill. Trying to get Doctors appointment

Cars using village centre as a ratrun. Village could be smarter, cleaner, better presented. We do not want a “pretty pretty” chocolate box village – but it could be a lot smarter and better cared for than it is now. The Bugle makes a poor centre piece for the village.

Parking. Limited in High Street. Insufficient parking at Community Centre

Parking. Variety of shops. Buses using the centre of the village

Parking.   History needs more promotion.   Traffic (speed).    Little or no social housing

Works pretty well as it is. We should not over regulate but move with the times but this needs to be balanced with the preservatgion of an historic village

Regarding anybody outside the geographical limits you set as not quite legitimate

I think it works pretty well as it is. We should not over regulate but move with the times but this needs to be balanced with the preservation of an historic village

Traffic too fast. No Car Park signs at south end of village

Works pretty well, even the parking – the changes made recently are the best possible I think, it will always be an issue for some peopple but that’s what happens in villages.

Car Parking!   There are too many 30 minute slots. Parking permits for residents who require them would solve much of the problem. I would suggest residents parking and some 30 minute slots combined.

Total lack of respect for residents parking, and for me that means West Street. I now find my freedom restricted in case I can’t park and its a daily source of worry.

Traffic through village.     Smokers outside Bugle on pavement.   No Bank

Traffic – There should be a one-way system through village, especially where t he Butchers is. It is a nightmare for buses, let alone car drivers. I cannot see why this could not be done.

Traffic, speeding, parking. Poor village presentation

Unfortunately it is a community with a strict divide, more could be done to make for a better co-operation. Whilst difficult it is not insurmountable. Due to the ancient origins, parking is a problem. Many houses have no parking whatosever and the people in these houses often street park outside of people’s homes who have made provision. This is parking tourism which can lead to tension.

Buses going through the narrow lanes.   Buses.   Barry’s Meadow loos

Messy.    5p for bags in shops.    Litter, speeding, cigarette butts.   Traffic.    The roads

Buying cigarettes.   Advertisement.   Keeping it clean.   Litter

The traffic in the village. It is really hard to get through at the bottom of the square leading off to Coach Hill

The roads. They are really small and lorries and buses make us reverse and it takes forever

Traffic calming and parking in general. Signage very sparse on where to park in the village. Speeding still a cause for concern in South Street.

Buses.    Parking (Residents parking Parmits for short stay Car Parks). Speeding vehicles

Need Residents Parking Permits.    Parking.     The road system.  Road access.  Road system

Traffic through the village not stickikng to speed limit of 20mph. Childrens play areas. Access to the canal.

The road needs to be one way around Coach Street.     Road system

Roads – often chaotic outside Hallmarks and Butchers

Too cramped.    The road system.  Parade day traffic!!!

The cars parked on the kerbs of the road creating a small road to pass through

Too many shops so close together. It makes it hard to drive through

There is a separation between Bellfield and the other parts of Titchfield – between haves and havenots, very little integration and most clubs etc. are for the haves. The Bonfire Boys is about the only club that is inclusive.

The square itself is a bit nondescript, very grey, too many cars, looks like a place in decay. The Church seems to be separated from the village too, feels like a sub-division of the haves.

THE TRAFFIC!! While I have been sitting here typing this there has been yet another altercation with cars and ‘the bus’! It happens many times a day. Yesterday I actually went out and asked a very difficult person to pull over to let the bus through. He was very rude but he did move in the end! It’s quite ridiculous.

More information about ‘whats on’, sorting out the square to restore it a bit

Traffic, parking better but still a problem