Submission of the Plan to FBC

Now that the Plan is formally submitted to FBC, we thought that some of you might like to read the supporting documents

These are:

Condition Statement – an 11 page document providing the legal basis for the Plan

Consultation Statement – a 35 page document providing details of many of the examples of consultation with the public and other relevant bodies

FBC Letter to TNF – This confirms that our document now meets the relevant statutory requirements under regulations 14 and 15(1)(b) of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012 and paragraph 1 of Schedule 4B of the Town and Country Planning Act (TCPA) 1990.

FBC Compliance Check – a table showing how our submission met the legal requirements.      It was necessary for us to re-submit the document as we had omitted to include details of the various people, groups and organisations with whom we had consulted. We had the material but had not realised that we were required to document it. We added this material and resubmitted the Plan, which as you will see from the two FBC documents, now meets the legal requirement.

As far as the Posbrook Appeal is concerned, there is nothing more to say on this until the result of the appeal is published, probably in January.





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