Survey Analysis by Age and Postcode

Analysis of Titchfield Village Trust survey

The TVT survey is a qualitative exercise to identify the range of issues that are important to residents and visitors to the village. It does not claim to provide a statistically exhaustive description, as it only reports the issues that come to mind for individuals. For instance, no young person said they used the doctors’ surgery, but five identified getting a doctor’s appointment as a problem. This illustrates that the analyses presented below are in effect snapshots and a more definitive analysis will require a future structured comprehensive survey. The information is calculated as percentages as the absolute values are arbitrary depending on the number of questionnaires returned.

Analysis by age
What village shops/pubs do you use? – 

PosTVT survey usage age - Copy

As might be expected, practically everyone said they used the One Stop and the Co-op, irrespective of age. Young people under 21 identified low use of other shops and use of the chemist increased with age, while use of the greengrocer, butcher, hairdressers, pubs and jeweller was relatively even for people aged 21-80 years. Again not surprisingly, people over 80 years made less use of hairdressers, pubs and jeweller.

Analysis by geographical area

The presentation below displays the same information roughly divided geographically by post code area. There are few surprises, in that people living more towards the centre of the village proportionally use Co-op, chemist, greengrocer and butchers more than those living further away.

PosTVT survey usage post code - Copy

What are the best bits about Titchfield?

Village atmosphere and community spirit was consistently the most identified best bit in Titchfield for all age groups, especially for adults between 21 and 65 years.

PosTVT survey best bits age - Copy

What doesn’t work so well in the village?
Traffic volume, speeding traffic and problems with parking, including requesting more car parks, are the most common identified problems in the village (except for the young people, most of them who were too young to drive). Intriguingly, the younger people were the only group to identify rubbish and lack of rubbish bins as a problem. Otherwise, most of the other issues were identified by a low number of people with no significant age dependence.

PosTVT survey problems age - Copy

What would make Titchfield a better place to live, work and play?

The suggested solutions to the problems identified above also concentrate on traffic-related issues, with people over 80 years more often asking for safer crossing places. Similarly, better facilities for children and young people are more identified by young people and younger adults. Asking for resident’s parking permits was identified by all adults of all ages.

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