TVTNP Meeting Minutes 22nd March 2016

Minutes of the Neighbourhood Forum Meeting, 22.03.16.

Apologies  Apologies were received from Sukie Swann, Andy Hoare, Judy Ekins, Alison Ascough, Mark Hussey, Phil Burner

  1. The Chair, Ann Wheal, thanked all for attending and welcomed new members. The Chair gave feedback to the group on the progress of repositioning of litter bins. She was pleased to report that a bin has been placed near the school and Community Centre and the pathway/ditch in that area is to be cleared of litter regularly.  Grass at the back of the Centre will also be cut.
  1. Ann informed all present of a course that is available on committee running if anyone is interested. She has the information
  1. Ann asked the meeting about names and areas of interest of all Forum members being put on the web site – no objections
  1. Ann asked for a volunteer to act as Project Manager and Paul Robinson, although interested, would need to know the scope of the work involved. Peter Wheal will talk to Paul.
  1. It had been muted that the Neighbourhood Forum needs a distinctive logo. Suggestions were requested.

The Chair then handed the meeting over to the Vice Chair, Colin Wilton Smith

 Colin introduced himself to the group and explained that the Forum has to follow a certain structure – e.g it is required to have at least 21 members representing the whole neighbourhood who meet at least 4 times a year to qualify for recognition.

He identified the need for sub-committees, chairing themselves, which would work on their area and then feedback to the Forum. This would enable a cohesive plan to be written.

The following committees were decided on 1.  Traffic and Parking, 2.  Historic, Buildings, 3. Health and Environment, 4. Presentation and Promotion of the village

The members present then assigned themselves to the groups as follows

Traffic & Parking – group to meet at Peter’s House

Mary-Kate Smith

Peter Wheal

Paul Robinson

Karen Postle

Historic Buildings – group to meet at Mary’s House

Ken Groves

Paula Weaver

Judy Ekins

Colin Wilton Smith

Amanda Laws

Mary Burner

Phil Burner

Tessa Short

 Health and the Environment – group to meet at Tony’s House

Tony Postle

Sheila Hignell

Ann Wheal

Alison Asquith

Gloria Hunt

Presentation and Promotion – group to meet at John Hiett House

Connie Hockley

Suki Swann

Lindsey Bailey

Sean Searight

John Hiett

Mary-Kate Smith

Please note: It is not a requirement for everyone to be in a sub group. They may still be a member of the forum which will meeting approximately 4 times a year. Anyone not in a group but who would like to join a group should contact Ann W

It was also pointed that committees would inevitably overlap.

The Chair reminded the forum of the need for speed as funding ceases in 2018.

Ann thanked all for coming. The meeting closed at 8.50