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Well, at last we have heard from the judges. They will be visiting our lovely village on Monday July 10th.  We will be placing containers around the village in dull corners, all marked as Titchfield pots.  We are hoping everyone will put out their containers  and baskets for that day and hang out their flags to welcome back judges after over 30 years.

We are having a number of clear up days for weeding pavement edges and litter picking. On June 25th, throughout the day, you will see us in the core of the village. Any help would be really appreciated.

Any children can enter a scarecrow competition . They need to make any size scarecrow out of recycled materials. Bring the scarecrow to the grass at the back of the community centre on Sunday July 9th at 4 pm with name and address attached .

We are awarding prizes for the best house container, the best basket, the best business and best private window.

We had to work out for the judges how many voluntary hours we had spent on this during 2017. It is a 360 hours so far. We started in October and will finish for this year in July, so it has consumed a lot of time.  However, it has been an amazing committee who have been committed and enthusiastic, plus great fun.

We may not achieve an award this first year but the committee will hold their own award ceremony for prize winners and sponsors whose gifts of plants, compost and tokens has boosted our budget of £350 from the Titchfield Village Trust

Gloria Hunt

7 thoughts on “Village in Bloom – Judgement Day

  1. Gloria Hunt

    Pat, we are delighted about the open gardens on that day as we are putting some pots out in the morning. The scarecrows are just a little bit of fun for the children to take part in and will be brought to the piece of grass behind the Community Centre at 4 o’clock on Sunday afternoon and put up then in a little group. I don’t think this will detract from the open gardens at all. The members of the committee always support your event and are hoping to all have time to go round and ,if given permission from residents, to take photos for the SouthEast judges to see what amazing gardens lie behind our village houses.
    Gloria Hunt

  2. Gloria Hunt

    Thank you for your comments. We will be coming up West Street but want everywhere to look lovely so the route they choose will be all around the village . They only allow us one and a half hours so we have to move pretty quickly .
    We have started to leaflet and will be putting flyers through all doors around the village . We have already started on the Bellfield estate along Coach Hill but there are only 7 of us on the committee so apologies if we haven’t got to you yet . It will be coming and we have already recruited one of the residents along there to put their lovely garden into Fareham in bloom next year .
    Ann thank you for your enquiry regarding clear up day. We would like everybody to look at their frontage and pavement , then have a sweep and weed if needed. We will be looking at those corners that have no one to love them and clear them up. We will look out for you .
    I do agree Tim that we do not want this to be just for the judging and our hope is that each year this will grow and grow and frontages will look amazing all summer. This is the start and we have been so pleased that people who have never done any planting are having a try this year . The added bonus is lots of people talking and a real community feel. Thank you all for your interest and bothering to comment

  3. Pat Shirley

    The Friends of St Peters open garden event is on the 9th July and at the same time as th scarecrow event. This doesn’t feel very joined up. As you will be aware the object of the open gardens is the raised money for our lovely church, and the event has been advertised for some time.

    Also it is a well supported event so there will be a lot of people round and about Titchfield village on the 9th

  4. Margaret Pace

    Could you tell us what the Judges route will be? Will they be coming up West Street?

    Looking forward to seeing all the “Blooms” around the village!

  5. Andrew

    It seems that only some of the village is asked. Gardner road and Bellfield are not leafletted.

  6. Tim Mason

    I think that the judges should come unannounced.
    I would prefer to be judged on how we usually look rather than when we are making a special effort.

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