Village in Bloom Update 10th April 2017

April update

July, when our village is judged seems to be getting nearer.  We know the judges names and that they will be visiting in the first two weeks of July.  When we are told the date we will let everyone know.   Work is going on behind the scenes.  Martin Stewart, at the new Abbey Stewart Nursery, has been an amazing support.  His gift of vouchers will enable us to award prizes in a number of categories, such as best container, basket, child effort etc.  We plan to have our own award ceremony whatever the outcome of the judging.   Mike Sutton from St Margaret’s Nursery is supporting us with planting, as is Abbeycroft Nursery.

Apart from bloom, the criteria these days is much wider.  We will have to show examples in a number of categories such as horticulture, conservation, recycling, child and adult involvement , business sponsorship etc.   Quite a task !

Our budget of £200 is a small one, but we know the Titchfield residents and business people will show their skill in container planting and flag flying.  Our aim is for everyone to enjoy taking part and showing the village at its best for judging and for all of us.


2 thoughts on “Village in Bloom Update 10th April 2017

  1. Peter Wheal Post author

    We know the names of the judges but the timetable is still a secret. As soon as we have details we will publish them.
    Watch this space!
    Thanks for posting, Amanda.
    Peter W

  2. Amanda Laws

    Can someone tell me the timetable of the Village in Bloom event please, so those of us wanted to join in know when to improve our house fronts.

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