Village in Bloom – Update

We are really near the judging day and the village is looking lovely . Thank you so much to everyone who have put blooms out already and I know many are still working on some to put out.

I have also seen the odd flag out to greet the judges and hope others will follow on the day.
The judging is important for the village but we are not just doing this for that reason . All new pots and planters we have filled will stay there to be filled after the summer with spring displays for the continual enhancement of the village.

During the week of July 10th the committee members will be travelling down every road in Titchfield, identifying wonderful pots and containers and photographing them . These will then be looked at and winning containers, hanging baskets will be chosen. The owners will be contacted and invited to our own award ceremony in the Parish Rooms in September. We want to do this as the residents have been so supportive, in so many ways, so hope you keep your displays out and easy to see.

I hope everyone is enjoying taking part or seeing the results. We will be in the Parish rooms on July 2nd if anyone wants to ask anything about Village in Bloom.

We hope that everyone will also support the Church , their Flower festival and the Open gardens, two more wonderful  events for the village.

Gloria Hunt

2 thoughts on “Village in Bloom – Update

  1. Gloria Hunt

    Already some of the business people have said they will carry on doing their displays throughout the year. The committee are immediately planning to fill all the pots we have filled with summer planting with spring bulbs . We have said from the beginning that the judging is just a snap shot of what goes on and what now will continue to go on. However, what ever reason people have put displays out for what a joy it is to see the colour throughout the area .

  2. Tim Mason

    I would like to see the same amount of effort going in next year, when we probably won’t have judges coming round.

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