What is the difference between a “YES” and “no” vote?

Why you should vote ‘YES’What happens if you vote ‘NO’
In the last 25 years over 170 new properties have been built. These have enhanced the village. The Neighbourhood Plan is stating that in the next 20 years Titchfield may need an additional 153 houses though FBC believes that most of the housing need for the area will be met by what is known locally as the Hambrook site soon to be built. However, with a Neighbourhood Plan the location, style and type of house within Titchfield Boundary Plan area will all be protected.Without a Neighbourhood Plan any developer may apply to develop land in Titchfield and there will be very few safeguards.
The Neighbourhood Plan, if approved at the referendum, will be a legally binding document that sits alongside the Fareham plan. The Council must take 100% of the Plan into consideration regarding any planning decisions for the village
FBC will be free to agree to any development they wish for the village
Apart from housing, the Plan is concerned with traffic policies, designed to reduce the impact of traffic so that safety and environmental needs of residents are given priority.

The Plan is concerned with maintaining this thriving economic community so that we can continue to enjoy the services on offer and at the same time give employment opportunities.

The Plan is concerned to ensure that Titchfield remains a village with an enhanced environment and valued open spaces.

The Plan wants to respect and preserve the history of the area for future generations whilst allowing it to develop gracefully.
The policies shown in the Plan will have no legal status
Policies in all the above are a legal part of the Neighbourhood Plan

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