Working Group Minutes

Notes of meeting of TVT working group, Wed. 13.01.16 at Lantern Cottage.  CHECK DATE

 Sukie Swan and Paula Weaver were welcomed to the group. Andy Hoare sent his apologies.

There were no comments regarding previous meeting notes


Ann reported that she had met with Suella our MP who supported our work in hopefully producing a Neighbourhood Plan (NP). Ann handed Suella various relevant documents relating to this and also a collage of photographs of poor parking and accidents within the village. Suella undertook to contact Sean Woodward regarding reducing the speed limit to 20mph on roads leading to the centre of the village.

Since then Ann had received a letter from Geoff Hockley saying it might happen in the future and one from Sean Woodward saying it would not happen.

The TVT website is now in use and the notes from our meetings and any other relevant information is to be put on the site. If anyone has anything they would like inserted please send it to


 This morning we received a further 20 questionnaires so we are well on our way to obtaining the min 100 we require. This figure includes some from local businesses whom we must consult. We have also sent our questionnaires to the local school, the youth club, old people’s groups, WI, Bellfield residents; history society, drama groups as well as local residents generally. Ken will take copies to History Society meeting next week.

Ann said how pleased she had been with some of the comments which had obviously been written sensitively and with thought. Carol Healey, a TVT member, is kindly typing up the qualitative comments at present and then Ann will sit with her to help input the numerical data.

Copies of Broadstone Forum document were available for members to read. Andy had informed us that Broadstone had received over £26000 for professional services. Petersfield NP was recently approved when the referendum took place. 26% of the town’s population of 10200 voted, 2,258 for and 455 against. Titchfield’s population is something over 7000. We would not be required to pay for the referendum.


 According to the guidelines for the NP, we must advertise widely. A poster has been put on the TVT noticeboard and will go on the website, on the community centre and Parish Rooms noticeboards as well as in local shops. An explanation of the meaning of the plan will also be put on the website. Ann will write an article for the Parish Magazine.

Andy Hoare is meeting FBC on 21st January. So far we are the only the group in the area who are considering producing a plan and setting up a forum. Andy will need to take with him to the meeting a plan showing the area we propose to cover within the NP – Sukie and Judy to resolve this – plan needs to have a red line around the area in question. Nick would like his bridge to be included on the plan.


 In order to proceed we must set up a forum that consists of a group of 21 people being widely representative of the village population. The group must meet 4 times a year though obviously not everyone will be able to attend every meeting but they must be kept informed of progress. However, in order for this to operate the group members will need to join TVT as TVT has a relevant constitution and legal status.

Some ideas for people who might be willing to be part of the forum were:

In addition to the 8 members of the working group the following are willing to join Dan Hayes and Karen Postle. We could also ask someone from doctors surgery and from a charity, Kate Scott, Sarah from One-stop, Chris Rigby, Tifffany Harper, Mandy – experience in planning department, Francis/Chris, Courtney Kerry, Tom QH, Sheila or Mary ne Harris, Sandi Jones. Ann will also promote membership in her PM article. Connie the future FBC mayor has agreed to be a member and she suggested Tiffany Harper, another councillor, but the group decided to wait until the composition of the forum is known before inviting Tiffany.

The way forward

 Sukie will read the documentation to ensure we conform to guidelines. There is a website where we can download a sample form – –but when we complete the official form it must be despatched within 30 days of downloading in order to comply.

Andy will to continue his work looking at ideas and making plans for our village.

Other points discussed

In the past when people had suggested that Bridge Street should be closed we were told that this could not happen as it was required for emergency access. Apparently, this is not the case. As the road is prone to flooding such a designation could not be made.

Short-term parking in the village on Sundays – Sukie has since seen Nick Girdler and apparently anyone may park for a longer time at weekends in these slots. Parking wardens have been informed – Judy please would you inform St Peter’s?

The business rates in the village should be lowered to encourage more shops

We should have trees instead of bollards around the green

People who live in the various historic buildings should be asked to produce a brief history of their property which would be available for everyone to read.

The village should be presented in a much better way – similar to Wickham. At present it looks quite scruffy.

Community Action in Fareham may be able to offer advice and assistance as well as 1 community.

As well as keeping FBC and our MP informed of our plans we should also inform our County Councillors.

The barn and the ponds – Ken told us of the progress/purchase/development. Since the meeting Paula has telephoned expressing her concern about what might happen in the future should the people involved at present no longer wish to continue. I e mailed Nick and he was not aware of these developments Ken. I wonder if you would please let us have something in writing about the ownership and future of these two historic parts of the village?

Next Meeting

 It was proposed that we should alternate between Tues, Weds and Thurs as the day for the meeting as all days are difficult for someone. Our next meeting will be on a Tuesday, the following a Thursday and so on.

Tuesday, 23rd February at Lantern Cottage at 7.30pm